Megyn Kelly Grills Donald Trump Communications Advisor On Fox News

Megyn Kelly may have made nice with Donald Trump earlier this year after meeting him in person, but she proved Monday night on The Kelly File that she still knows that her job isn’t necessarily to be a nice person in order to get the facts. She interviewed Donald Trump’s senior communications advisor, Jason Miller, about the recent presidential debate and other things.

“So, it is true you wanted to sit the four women (Clinton’s alleged sexual assault victims and a rape victim in a case Hillary worked on) in the Trump family box?” Kelly asked Miller.

“Absolutely, and we should have been allowed to — but that was yesterday and now we’re on to the rest of the campaign,” Miller answered before listing what he felt were biased issues such as the mic not working correctly in the first debate and the moderators being completely on Hillary’s side in the second one.

Donald Trump Election
Many in Donald Trump's camp believe the election is "being stolen" from him. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

After Kelly asked why Trump thinks this election is being stolen, Miller told her he was talking about voter integrity in the polls and that the media is fair in reporting the facts. Miller believes that voters are purposely being fed false information. After Miller said that NBC was suddenly becoming a “polling expert,” Megyn Kelly harshly answered that every station is reporting on polls — that’s their job.

When Miller tried to tell Kelly that Trump is still leading in the Los Angeles Times and other polls, she interrupted and said that this was before the tape that had Trump using vulgar language was released. Miller said that Trump will probably get a bump after Sunday’s debate. Politico just released a post-debate poll.

“In interviews with 359 likely voters contacted only on Monday, Hillary Clinton led by seven points on both the two- and four-way ballot tests — narrower margins that tightened the results from the eye-popping margins in a national survey conducted by the two news organizations over the weekend.”

Miller felt very confident telling Megyn Kelly that he thought Trump easily won the debate by making Hillary Clinton look “rattled.” He says the Trump team is very excited about the next debate as well.

Hillary Clinton Emails
Donald Trump says he will continue to taunt Hillary and Bill Clinton over their treatment of women. [Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]

Megyn Kelly moved on to Trump informing the Clinton campaign that if more nasty tapes about him come out, Trump will continue to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton on women. She asked Miller why Trump would do that given that the tape was released by NBC, not Hillary’s campaign team.

“We were calling out the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and her campaign,” he answered, noting that Hillary’s claim to take the high road while Trump takes the low road is a complete farce.

Megyn Kelly agreed with him on this.

“We are going to call hypocrisy when we see it. We are going to stand up and defend ourselves and we are ready to fight back,” Miller answered right before Kelly wanted to talk about the four alleged Clinton victims in particular.

Kelly informed Miller that three of the women who accused Clinton of sexual assault have never proven their cases in a court of law. She noted that Kathy Shelton, the woman whose rapist was defended by Clinton, was paid to give her testimony about the case, even though Miller denied this. He did say that Kathy Shelton reveals a lot about Hillary Clinton’s character.

Megyn Kelly wasn’t completely using her show on Monday evening to bash Donald Trump; she talked about Clinton’s latest email leaks as well. The rest of the week should garner excellent ratings for Megyn Kelly and The Kelly File.

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