Racist ‘Obama Witch Doctor’ Display Creates Controversy In NJ Town

Opponents of Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) have used a racist image of President Obama dressed as a witch doctor for some time, but the distasteful imagery has mainly cropped up at Tea Party rallies and the like — until a New Jersey store owner who claims to cater to the one percent put the tacky image in his store window.

The Obama witch doctor display is proudly showcased in a window at Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing in Spring Lake, and, while owner Bill Skuby claims patrons in the top one percent of earners, the store’s tasteless display and garish garments seem to indicate otherwise.

In Skuby’s window is what appears to be a tombstone with a skeleton attached and inscribed “I told you I was sick.” Beneath the legend is a widely-circulated image of Barack Obama’s face superimposed on that of what appears to be an African tribesman, and “Obamacare” is spelled out, of course, with a sickle in place of the “c.” Sigh.

Just for good measure, a corpse doll bears a hat that reads “FYBO,” and Skuby, 66, claims business has picked up due to the racist window display. He defends the anti-Obama showcase, saying:

“It’s not political, it’s personal … We deal with a 1 percent customer; they come in here and shake my hand. My business is through the roof because of this.”

Locals say they worry the racist Obama witch doctor display is inappropriate for children to see, but Skuby feels that the racially charged imagery is perfectly acceptable viewing for kids.

A local news source quoted passerby and FEMA employee Barbara Labe, who said the pic wasn’t racist and explained:

“I don’t see anything racist here at all … I just see somebody who has strong political views and I think that’s a great thing in our free country.”

Alas, dissent is patriotic, but it seems that many people cannot grasp that there is no way around the fact an Obama witch doctor picture is inarguably racist. The imagery itself won’t work on a basic level without a black target, and, while there may be legitimate reasons to disagree with Obamacare, there is no way around the fact that such an image is flat-out, unabashedly, proudly racist. Would the “joke” work if the picture was one of Mitt Romney? There you go.

Would you shop in a store that has the Obama witch doctor image in the window?

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