Siggy Flicker Thankful For Jacqueline And Chris’ Friendship: Has She Chosen A Side?

Siggy Flicker joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey as a self-proclaimed relationship expert, but she quickly realized that the relationships on the show may have been too much for her to fix. Flicker has revealed that she’s only willing to work with people who are honest and open to listening to the other side. If there’s hesitation to work things out, things simply won’t work. And that’s what Siggy is experiencing with Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice, as they keep bringing up the past.

According to a new Bravo report, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that she’s quite upset and emotional after everything the ladies went through during their trip to Vermont. Flicker broke down after experiencing how dramatic the fights were between Teresa and Jacqueline. While Giudice remained calm due to the support of Melissa Gorga and her brother, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline was very upset and since Siggy is friends with Laurita, she was rattled by the drama.

“I’m so lucky that my girlfriends have accepted me for who I am, an empathetic, compassionate, loyal friend to all of my loved ones. I’m also so grateful that they respect my wishes — I don’t want to be in the middle of any more drama,” Siggy Flicker reveals in her Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo, revealing that she’s thankful for Laurita and her husband’s support, as they saw that Flicker was just trying to help.

During Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Flicker sat down with Jacqueline and Chris, and they talked about everything that had happened in Vermont. It was clear that the Laurita family were thankful for their friendship with Siggy Flicker and thankful that she had tried to help and saw the situation from an objective view. But Flicker felt that she had to choose sides, but she later realized a better solution — just don’t bring up Laurita in the company of the other ladies.


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“The ladies and I have a pact: Teresa and Melissa won’t talk about Jacqueline in my presence, and Jacqueline won’t talk about Teresa or Melissa around me. I respect them and love them ALL too much to tolerate anything being said about any of them. Thank you, Chris, for understanding that I’m about mending, not breaking people,” Siggy Flicker reveals on her Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo, sharing that she wants to respect all of the ladies and she wants to get along with everyone without picking sides.

When Flicker revealed that she would support Jacqueline at her event but wouldn’t be going to Melissa’s fashion show, Gorga hinted that she had picked sides by choosing what events she would go to. Siggy realized that she needed to sit down with Melissa to work things out, as she wants to get along with everyone.

“What I do wish is that everyone on the show would sit down together and really listen to each other, the way Melissa and I did over coffee. You get so much further with people when you sit down with them, really listen to what they have to say, and you’re honest with them. I saw Melissa in a whole new light after our conversation, and I’m so glad that we each took the time to meet that day,” Siggy Flicker reveals on her Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Siggy Flicker’s comments about keeping the peace with her co-stars? Do you think she will eventually have to pick sides, as she’s clearly closer with Jacqueline?

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