Siggy Flicker Opens Up About Family Traditions: Learn More About Those Famous Meatballs

Siggy Flicker may be a new housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but fans are starting to learn more about this outspoken relationship expert. Even though Siggy helps other people with their relationships, it sounds like Flicker needs to focus on her own relationships.

Over the past couple of episodes, fans have seen how Siggy is learning more about her children, and on this week’s episode, she opened up about the importance of keeping traditions and values alive in her home. What exactly does she want to do in her home in New Jersey that her children can continue with?

According to a new Bravo report, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that she wants to keep the traditions alive in her New Jersey home, but she has been so busy with her career and her life that she hasn’t been able to keep those traditions alive. Siggy got emotional when talking to her family about the traditions because she wants to keep them alive, especially when it comes to her children. And as it turns out, Michael has some fun traditions they can keep going.

“In this week’s episode I mentioned that after my divorce, I let a lot of my family’s traditions slide and put them on the backburner after meeting Michael. Although Michael is half-Jewish, we’ve really concentrated on his Italian heritage. Sadly, Michael lost both of his parents –- his mom to cancer when he was 16, and his hero, his father, to Lou Gehrig’s Disease nine years ago this month. I’ve worked with Michael to keep his family’s traditions going, especially the ones he holds dearest to his heart: Christmas, cooking and Sunday pasta dinner. Michael makes the BEST lasagna and takes pleasure in making 65 meatballs for seven people,” Siggy Flicker reveals on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Of course, Flicker has already struggled a bit to communicate with her young daughter. As fans have learned over the past couple of weeks on the show, her daughter has already been suspended a few times over using her cell phone during school hours. Siggy decided to remove her daughter’s phone until she was able to understand what she had done wrong, and it sounds like it was a great idea because she revealed that they had made progress in their relationship. And maybe removing cell phones during dinners could become a new tradition for the family.

“I’ve realized lately that I’ve been so busy making sure that Michael’s traditions were kept alive, I’ve let some of my family’s traditions slide. As everyone gets older, the time we all spend together is decreasing, and I figured there’s no better way to make the family closer again than by bringing back some of our family traditions. Kiddush is a great place to start! Putting the phones down for a couple hours was tough at first for all but so worth it,” Siggy Flicker points out on her Bravo blog.

Fans are still getting to know Flicker and her family, but it sounds like she really wants to make some changes in her home. And it’s awesome that her family is open to these new traditions to keep their values alive. Other than her family relationships, fans have seen her with Teresa Giudice. Once Teresa was released, she decided to meet up with Siggy and Flicker was quick to ask her about tabloid rumors. According to Reality Tea, Siggy Flicker wanted to offer her relationship advice to Teresa, as rumors were swirling that Joe was cheating on her.

What do you think of Siggy Flicker’s desire to keep her traditions alive?

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