‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady & Theresa’s Relationship Has A Heartbreaking End?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that some very happy and sad times are coming for Salem residents. Brady Black and Theresa Donovan will be on an emotional roller coaster in the coming weeks, and viewers are worried about the fan-favorite couple.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, viewers are finally going to see Brady and Theresa tie the knot. The couple will reportedly get married in a private ceremony and make their family official. This time, the wedding won’t be a fancy ceremony at the Kiriakis mansion, but likely an intimate exchanging of vows between the two. However, could trouble be following close behind? As many Days of Our Lives viewers know, Xander, Orpheus, and Clyde have been lurking in the shadows in Salem just waiting to hurt those who they believe have wronged them. While Orpheus has set his sights on Roman, Marlena, John, and Steve, and Clyde is after Kate Roberts and Chad DiMera, Xander has Theresa at the top of his hit list.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Theresa or Tate die?
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Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus’ escape from prison had already ruined Brady and Theresa’s first wedding, and it could happen again. Although it does seem that the couple will officially tie the knot, their happiness might not last for long. The report suggests that a shocking death could be coming for Days of Our Lives fans, and it would be mean heartbreak for Brady and Theresa. The honeymoon won’t last long for Mr. and Mrs. Black as they’ll be faced with more danger from the escaped convicts.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that a very emotional exit is in place for Theresa come November. Actress Jen Lilley announced her departure from the show months ago and promised some really good scenes to come. Spoilers suggest that a big death is coming, and that is the reasoning behind Theresa’s exit from Salem. Will Theresa shockingly be killed off, leaving Brady heartbroken over losing yet another women he loves? Lilley has continued to tease that she may return to DOOL in the future, and fans believe that she’ll make it out alive. However, another shocking theory is that Brady and Theresa’s young son, Tate, could be the one to die, and Theresa will leave town because of her extreme grief.

Losing any Days of Our Lives character is tough, but watching a mother lose a child is extremely hard. Back in 2006, Hope and Bo Brady were forced to say goodbye to their son, Zack, after he was hit by a car and killed. The scenes were some of the rawest and most emotional moments that fans of the show have ever seen. The heartbreaking storyline has never been forgotten, and when Bo died in 2015, Hope saw his spirit with a now grown-up Zack as they visited her in her dreams.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Brady and Theresa to have heartbreaking end?
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Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans are wondering if the possible death of Theresa or Tate will drive Brady Black back to his old ways. Brady, who has suffered from addiction issues for years, could easily slip back into his old habits if he’s faced with losing the people he loves most in the world. Hopefully, it won’t come to that as he’s likely still recovering from the heart transplant he had less than a year ago.

It seems that Days of Our Lives fans are in for some very dramatic episodes this fall as they prepare for Theresa Donovan’s exit, old faces return, and the shocking conclusion to the escaped convict storyline.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think that Theresa Donovan or her son Tate will die?

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