‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly’s World Will Be Shattered By Sonny’s Violent Life — Will She Ever Be Able To Forgive Him?

Carly Corinthos is one of the most devoted mothers on ABC’s General Hospital. She will fight with whatever she has in her for her three kids, Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn. She has had to endure many crises involving her children, and this week will see her in the biggest one yet as her world is about to come crashing down. This includes her marriage to Sonny, which is expected to also be blown to pieces.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers witnessed an explosion involving Sonny and Carly’s youngest son, Morgan Corinthos. They had every reason to be concerned about him as he has been on a downward spiral ever since Ava Jerome took it upon herself to replace Morgan’s bipolar medications with placebo pills. In a preview that ABC posted for this week, Carly’s world is about to be shattered after she is told the horrible news.

Carly has tried to protect her two boys the best she could, but having Sonny as their father puts them in harm’s way. The mob boss has danger surrounding him, his family, and anyone else associated with him pretty much all the time, and they eventually feel the heat from it all. However, this crisis will definitely test their relationships with Sonny. It seems that his feud with the Jerome family may have just cost him his son — and eventually his wife as well.

Sonny was warned by Carly, and also by Griffin Munro, to halt the revenge that he was seeking on Julian Jerome. He didn’t to listen to Carly, but it seemed that Griffin finally got through to him after he pleaded with Sonny to seek God and his conscience instead of revenge. He called off the hit on Julian, but it looks like it was too late. Unfortunately, Morgan was in the car instead of Julian after he stole it from the parking lot of the Floating Rib, as Julian was inside with Ava and Scotty Baldwin.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Sonny walked up to Carly, telling her that everything was going to be okay and thinking that he finally did the right thing. Little did he know that things went totally wrong right at that moment, and it will change this couple forever. Once Carly realizes that this was all her husband’s doing that may have killed their son, she will be furious and devastated. Will she ever forgive him for the part that he played in this tragedy?

Sonny will most certainly be blaming himself. This may just send him into a dark place for a while. He and Carly should be comforting each other, but instead, it may tear them apart. No one knows just yet whether Morgan will die in this explosion or if he will survive, but the aftermath of this whole thing is sure to be one emotional ride for all involved, including General Hospital fans.

It is more than likely that Morgan will survive this ordeal; actor Bryan Craig is expected to have his last airing on General Hospital in November as he is leaving the soap permanently. That is a month away, so Morgan may just end up in a hospital somewhere recovering from his extensive injuries. There are rumors of a recast for this character to replace Craig later this year. For now, the Corninthos family will be trying to figure out how things could have gone so wrong for Morgan. According to spoilers posted by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sonny is about to find out about Morgan before Carly does, and he will obviously be devastated. He may not only be losing his wife but his whole family once his role in this all comes out.


However, Sonny is not all at fault. In fact, you could say that it is ultimately Ava Jerome’s fault as Morgan may not have gone off to drink and steal a car if she hadn’t messed with his medications. There are also General Hospital rumors that maybe this wasn’t Sonny’s doing with that bomb planted in the car. Talk on social media says that it may end up to be revealed that someone else in Port Charles wanted Julian Jerome dead and had that bomb already planted in the car. There could be a huge twist coming in all of this.

Unfortunately for Sonny and Carly, it may be too late to save their marriage. A mom’s heart will be split in two and this may just be the undoing between them.

Do you think that Carly will ever be able to forgive Sonny, even if it comes out that it wasn’t his bomb that went off? Stay tuned to General Hospital to watch the aftermath of the Corinthos family crisis.

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