‘Warp-Speed’ UFO ‘150 Times Faster Than Man-Made Aircraft’ Captured On Flight Tracker — Irrefutable Proof Of ET Visitation, Alien Hunters Claim [Video]

Blur of fast-moving UFO

Irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth in advanced warp-speed UFO spacecraft has emerged, according to UFO hunters. Recently, a flight tracker app in New Zealand reportedly captured a mysterious UFO flying over the ocean toward Canberra and the New South Wales area of Australia at more than 150 times the speed of a man-made aircraft.

During a breakfast TV news broadcast, News Now aired radar footage obtained from a flight tracker website that tracks aircraft in real time. The footage shows a mysterious craft traveling from New Zealand to Canberra in Australia at a speed estimated at about 150 times the speed of man-made aircraft such as passenger jetliners and even military fighter jets.

“First time ever technology confirms and shows that UFOs are real.”

The mysterious flight was tracked along with several other flights over the sea and land in the New South Wales area of Australia. The unknown craft stood out because of its incredible speed.

News Now TV also claimed that at about the time the flight tracker detected the mysterious “warp-speed” object on radar, another source captured real-life footage showing a UFO with bright lights flying at tremendous speed over Canberra.

Alien hunters believe that the UFO with bright lights was the same as the mysterious flying object detected on radar by the flight tracker website.

The mysterious incident was first reported by TVNZ earlier in May. According to the website, traffic cameras in Australia captured a mysterious flying object streaking over New South Wales from the ocean. The strange object, according to UFO hunters, may have been the same as the object detected on the flight tracker app.

The flight tracker reportedly labelled the mysterious object as flight ZED-KG-DG, a designation which did not pertain to any known flight originating from any airport in New Zealand at the time.

UFO hunters are confident that the flight tracker accidentally detected an alien or extraterrestrial spacecraft flying from New Zealand to Canberra in Australia. According to conspiracy theorists, the mysterious flight ZED-KG-DG proves irrefutably the existence of UFO phenomenon.

“Airline tracker system IDs an object going 150 times faster than a plane,” EarthFilesEarthsHistory YouTube channel reported. “First time ever technology confirms and shows that UFOs are real.”

“New Zealand news reported that the unknown object was travelling at a speed 150 times faster than a normal jet,” another source commented online, according to Express.

“This is the first time in history that a piece of technology has gathered irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials. Most sightings involve UFOs hovering in place, however, the New Zealand sighting is unique due to the fact that it is moving, quite fast. At such speeds, the craft can easily outrun even the most advanced military aircraft.”

But some skeptics insisted that the radar reading was probably due to a data glitch.

“Probably a glitch in the system,” a skeptic said.

UFO warp speed

“Anyone familiar with the plane tracking apps will tell you that planes often react strangely on the screens because positional data gets missed and then re-acquired causing planes to speed up or change position,” another skeptic commented.

“Sure it is ‘unknown,’ but the air traffic map is based on airplane IDs being transmitted and received/identified by the system,” another skeptic commented. “A random UFO would not show up unless it is transmitting an ID. So, if I understand correctly, this object traveling extremely fast would have to be military of some sort giving off a potentially false ID but sending it out for the sake of air traffic control and safety.”

But believers rejected suggestions that the object was a man-made craft, saying there is no known man-made craft that flies at 150 times the speed of airliners (600 to 700 miles per hour).

But one commenter suggested the mysterious object could have been Iron Man, aka Tony Stark.

Iron Man

UFO hunters noted that the alleged alien UFO actually broke the world airspeed record.

According to The Inquisitr, the fastest airspeed attained by any man-made object was a hypersonic speed in excess of 13,000 miles per hour. The airspeed was achieved in 2011 during testing of the unnamed rocket glider Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

“The radar would see it still even if it didn’t put out an ID. I think it’s a Government code for TR3B.”

“Well at this point we could be close to a disclosure of the TR3-B ‘airplane.'”

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring reported in an October 8 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog that he checked the FAA website for flight ZED-KG-DG and confirmed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has no record of the flight. This, according to Waring, refutes claims by some skeptics that the mysterious flight was an airliner that appeared on the flight tracker to be faster than a normal aircraft due to a glitch in the processing of its flight data.

“I checked the FAA site just now for the plane ID ZED-KG-DG, but it does not exist on their records,” Waring said. “It’s not a plane serial number, manufacturer or ID number of any plane known.”

“It was an unknown… a UFO. [ZED-KG-DG is] an ID given to objects on radar that the FAA have no control over.”

“Alien craft travel across this planet daily, on radar, yet they are ignored by the FAA, because they were told to do so by the US government,” Waring claimed. “How long can this charade keep up?”

Several enthusiasts agreed with Waring that the flight tracker footage offered conclusive proof of non-man-made crafts within the Earth’s atmosphere.

Some UFO believers offered personal testimonies.

“Hell, I’ve seen them fly over me so fast that all I could see was the shadow shape of the craft let behind it,” an enthusiast said. “One made a 30 degree angle turn without stopping, about two months ago.”

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