DCTV: ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Premiere Recap — Superman And 3 Other DC Comics Characters Debut On The CW

As Supergirl made the transition from CBS to The CW — the TV channel known for its line-up of DC Comics-based series — some changes were expected for the sophomore season. It was fairly common knowledge that Superman would finally appear on the show, and fans have also known for some time that super villain Metallo would be a major adversary in Season 2. And the new additions from DC Comics didn’t stop there.


But things were changing in Supergirl’s personal life as well. As the first season ended, things finally seemed to be working out between Kara and Jimmy. And her boss was so happy with her that Miss Danvers was tasked with figuring out a new job title for herself. So a lot needed to be packed into the season premiere of Supergirl.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl, titled “The Adventures of Supergirl,” as well as minor spoilers for later in the season. The episode first aired on The CW on Monday, October 10.

New characters introduced from DC Comics

The highly-anticipated debut of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman proved to be a solid addition to Supergirl. Despite everyone in National City making a big deal out of meeting the original Kryptonian superhero, The CW did a great job of making sure the story of Kara remained the central focus of Supergirl.

Staying loyal to the DC Comics canon, Metallo was first introduced to Supergirl as John Corben, a human assassin-for-hire. In this episode, he was hired by Lex Luthor (who was in prison and did not make an appearance) to take out Lena Luthor, who took control of Luthor Corp and wanted to change the company’s image. During the stinger, the beginning of his transformation into Metallo was shown.

Lena Luthor is another character pulled from the pages of DC Comics. On The CW, she simply wants to salvage the company that Lex ran before he was put in prison by Superman. As it turns out, at least in the season premiere, she isn’t demonstrating any villainous traits.

Corben’s transformation into Metallo was a part of Project Cadmus, as noted by the unnamed female doctor attending to the wounded mercenary. As reported by Bustle, the doctor could end up being any number characters from DC Comics, including Serling Roquette or Dabney Donovon (both of whom worked on Project Cadmus in the comics), Emmett Vale (who created Metallo in DC Comics), Ariel Masters, Dr. Barnes, or even Amanda Spence (who was technically a cyborg herself).

Supergirl season premiere: Mon-El
Mon-El [Image by DC Comics]

Finally, there was the man that crash-landed in a Kryptonian pod who remained anonymous and unconscious throughout the entire episode. As reported by Heavy, the character being portrayed by Chris Wood is Mon-El, otherwise known as Lar Gand in DC Comics. The character has seen many different iterations since his printed debut in 1961, but the common theme tends to be that he’s a slightly weaker version of Superman with a different planet of origin that prevents Kryptonite from having any impact on him.


“The Adventures of Supergirl” Recap

The mystery of the man in the Kryptonian pod took a backseat to other stories in the season debut, although it did allow for Winn to use some of his geek powers to earn a new job working for the DEO instead of CatCo. The first commercial spacecraft was set to launch, but an explosion sent The Venture tumbling rapidly back towards the ground. Luckily, Superman and Supergirl were both watching the events unfold on TV, and they made their first collective save. Afterwards, Kara took Clark with her to the new DEO headquarters (now they’re in a big building with lots of windows, as opposed to the cave from last season), where it was discovered that Superman and Hank Henshaw aren’t on very good terms — Clark doesn’t like that J’onn keeps a stockpile of Kryptonite at the DEO’s disposal.

As it turns out, The Venture was taken out because Lex Luthor’s sister Lena was scheduled to be on board, and Lex wanted her dead. He hired John Corben, who didn’t give up after one attempt. He used drones to try to shoot Lena in her helicopter, but his plans were thwarted once again by Supergirl and Superman. Finally, he tried taking out a skyscraper in National City, hoping the distraction would give him time to take out Miss Luthor face-to-face. However, Alex Danvers was on the scene and held Corben off just long enough that Lena could take him out with a shot in the back. As the show ended, we discovered that he had somehow fallen into the hands of whoever is behind Project Cadmus. John Corben is no more — Metallo lives.

And while Supergirl is dealing with all of this, Kara Danvers had a few issues to work out of her own. Her dates with Jimmy Olsen were continually interrupted, and by the end of the episode, she had officially put the photographer in the friend zone. Professionally, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, announcing to Cat Grant that she wanted to be a reporter. The CatCo Worldwide Media founder hinted that she was about to go through some major changes of her own, but viewers were forced to wait until next week for the details.

Where To Watch Supergirl

The first results of Project Cadmus will be revealed on next week’s episode of Supergirl, as Metallo is the star of the teaser for the second episode of Season 2, titled “The Last Children of Krypton.”

Supergirl airs Monday evenings on The CW at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode are available to stream via The CW’s official website and app beginning Tuesdays. The five most recent episodes are always available to stream on-demand.

The entire first season of Supergirl, which originally aired on CBS, can now be streamed via Netflix.

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