How To Have Sex With Hot Female Tourists (And Get Paid For It)

A Turkish hotel owner has inadvertently advertised her hotel as being the best place in the entire world for a guy to work.

The owner says she just had to fire every single male employee at her establishment — because they ALL had been caught having repeated intimate relations with female guests. Tourists. Visiting to sun themselves at the nearby beaches. In small bikinis. Which they readily removed.

The owner told Reuters she’d “been facing the same problem every year.” The most recent case, she says, ended when she noticed her bartender “walk out of the bathroom with a British tourist.” Hey, at least he shut the door.

So I already had my application filled out and my passport ready, but then I noticed the disappointing part of the story: The owner is now hiring only female staff members as a solution. Damn.

There’s gotta be some kind of discrimination lawsuit we can file to get around that, right?