Katy Perry Stumps For Obama With Supportive Manicure

Katy Perry may have been raised in a conservative environment, but the singer is a full-tilt supporter of President Barack Obama’s re-election — and she showed her political colors with a vibrant manicure featuring pro-Obama imagery.

Katy Perry has been tweeting in support of President Obama in recent days, stumping for the Prez as he works to regain ground many believe he lost during the debate last Wednesday in Denver.

Katy Perry was only one of many Hollywood heavyweights who showed up Sunday night to support the President’s reelection bid in Los Angeles, along with 6,000 fans.

Along with Bon Jovi, Earth Wind Fire and Jennifer Hudson, Perry appeared at the event also attended by noted Dem George Clooney. On the day leading up to the gala, Obama made a few cracks about his widely-criticized debate performance — like after complimenting the stars’ consistent strong sets, the Commander-in-Chief joked of his performance:

“I can’t always say the same.”

Katy Perry got the pro-Obama manicure just ahead of the event in LA, tweeting a picture of the nail art with a caption — “appropriate nails.”

katy perry obama manicure

Appropriate nails. twitpic.com/b22mtl

— Katy Perry (@katyperry) October 7, 2012

Following the Obama manicure pic tweet, Perry reinforced her support of the President and added an image of her with a note written on her hand explaining her Obama support. Perry tweeted:

katy perry barack obama

Katy Perry is not alone in her endorsement of Obama — other celebrities jumping on the Forward train in 2012 include Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson.