‘The Voice’ Drama: Source Reveals Gwen Stefani Is ‘Furious’ Over Miley’s Flirty Ways

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani may not be on The Voice this season, but that doesn’t mean she is staying out of the drama. Of course, Gwen is right in the middle of it all since her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, is still on the show. Now, OK! Magazine is sharing that Gwen isn’t happy with Miley Cyrus and her flirty ways on the show.

Miley joined the show for the first time this season along with Alicia Keys. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are on the show every season, but it is normal for them to change up who else is on there as coaches. Gwen Stefani isn’t there to watch everything this season, but a source shared that a picture Blake sent to the No Doubt frontwoman really made her upset.

The insider revealed that it all started because of a picture that Blake sent to Gwen. Of course, all women have their moments of jealousy now and then.

Here is what they had to say.

“When Miley turned up rocking Gwen’s signature blonde beehive for The Voice’s promotional photo shoot, Blake thought she looked adorable and texted Gwen a quick snap of her look. Gwen was furious. She’s already suspicious of Miley’s flirty ways, and dressing like her younger self really set off the warning bells.”

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani seem to be doing great. She has obviously been on the road with him some because Gwen keeps showing up and performing on stage at Blake’s events. The fans love seeing them together. Just Jared Jr. shared recently that Gwen is avoiding talking about her wedding plans. Ellen DeGeneres tried to get her to spill what is going on, but instead, Gwen Stefani was tired of talking about it. She also didn’t confirm or deny that they would be getting married at some point in the future.

Stefani talked a bit about the show this season.

“I got to go down to the set a few times, and it was really fun. It’s surreal. You’re there and you’re like, ‘I’m not on the show and it’s Miley and it’s Alicia. I mean, I love both of them. I know both of them and they’re both so talented in their own ways, and it’s so fun to see them interact.”

E! Online shared that it has been a year since Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split. It is obvious that Gwen has moved on, and now her ex Gavin is revealing that he is just ready to move on as well.

“It’s like enough already. I’ve got to move on. Everyone has got to move on. For me, it’s just thinking about the boys and how to prioritize them. That’s the driving force behind everything. You just have to… I don’t know. Somehow you have to put one foot after the other and make it happen.”

Gavin is doing something similar to Gwen Stefani right now, though. He is joining The Voice U.K. as a coach alongside fellow musicians Will.i.am., Jennifer Hudson and Tom Jones. He is thrilled to be joining the show. It is unknown if the fact that Gwen was on the USA version of the show helped him to get the job or not.

Do you believe that Gwen Stefani is upset with Miley over the way she is acting on The Voice? Do you think that Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus could end up on the same season in the future? Don’t miss new episodes of The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights, and sound off in the comments below about the alleged feud between Gwen and Miley. Hopefully, Gwen Stefani will show up at some point this season and perform a song alongside her boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

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