‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Loses Best Friend & His Hand In Season 7?

The Walking Dead Season 7 is drawing nearer, and thanks to a brand new teaser clip released by AMC, fans are going crazy about the premiere. The new clip features Negan and Rick just moments after Negan kills a member of the group. The sneak peek also offers some possible clues about what will happen in the episode.

According to Cleveland.com, Rick is visibly shaken in the clip after he watches one of his friends get brutally beaten to death by Negan. While the clip doesn’t reveal who Negan’s unlucky victim is, there are hints about who will be the one to die. In the scene, Negan talks to Rick about the joys of having a “right-hand man,” before asking Rick if he has one himself. “Or did I…” Negan says, referring to the group member he just killed.

Many fans believe that this confirms the longstanding theory that either Glenn, Daryl, or Abraham will be Negan’s victim. Viewers are now worried about the character of Daryl because at the end of the clip a puddle of blood and seemingly brain matter is seen lying on the ground. Next to the gruesome scene is the blanket that Daryl had draped over his shoulders in the Season 6 finale. While the death of Daryl would certainly shock Walking Dead fans, it doesn’t seem likely. Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show, has been seen filming on set multiple times. This all but rules out Daryl’s death.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Who DOes Negan Kills?
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Meanwhile, Walking Dead fans are particularly worried about the characters of Glenn and Abraham. While Glenn is the character who is killed by Negan in the comic book series, the show likes to switch up the deaths. This means that fans still have hope that Glenn could come out of the Season 7 premiere alive. Unfortunately, actor Steven Yeun has not been seen on set much, and is rumored to have only filmed the first episode of the season, which doesn’t look good for his character.

Michael Cudlitz, who portrays Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, is also said to have only filmed one episode. This could confirm the fan theory that Negan will kill not one, but two, members of Rick’s group. Speculation insists that Abraham could be the first to die, and that one member of the group, possibly Daryl, will lash out at Negan for the murder. Negan likely won’t appreciate the scene and could choose to kill another person as punishment. This is where he could choose to kill Glenn. If this scenario did play out, Daryl would become even more damaged than he already is.

Walking Dead viewers are also speculating about the use of the phrase “right-hand man.” After Negan and Rick have their verbal exchange, Negan’s right-hand man, Simon, brings him Rick’s hatchet. Negan then drags Rick into his RV and fans are dying to know what will happen next. Could this be the moment where Rick will lose his hand?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Rick lose his hand in Season 7?
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As many Walking Dead enthusiasts know, Rick loses his right hand in the comic book series thanks to The Governor. As to whether or not this storyline will ever play out on the TV series, it doesn’t seem like it will happen. Actor Andrew Lincoln says he’s all for Rick having his hand chopped off, but producers claim it would be too costly to edit out Rick’s hand using CGI in every scene he appears in.

No Walking Dead Season 7 theories have been confirmed as of yet, and the show has done a great job of keeping spoilers to a minimum. It looks like viewers will have to wait until the premiere on October 23 to find out the conclusion of the grisly Season 6 cliffhanger. Who do you think Negan killed?

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