‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 505: Makarov Sacrifices Himself To Protect Guild Members Using 'Fairy Law' Ending The War Between The Guild And The Alvarez Empire? [Spoilers]

The Fairy Tail chapter 505 was expected to finally reveal if Natsu had indeed transformed into E.N.D. However, the chapter of the popular Japanese manga depicts the proceedings of the epic battle between the Fairy Tail Guild and the combined forces of the Alvarez Empire and the Spriggan 12.

[Warning: Fairy Tail Chapter 505 spoilers/recap are ahead]

The latest chapter of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail was supposed to confirm Natsu's transformation into Strongest Demon/Dragon Slayer Etherious Natsu Dragneel or E.N.D. Moreover, fans were impatiently waiting to see how the newly transformed and clearly very powerful Natsu would face his friend-turned-foe Gray Fullbuster. Given Natsu's newfound and immense power, fans had all but presumed Gary's end. However, instead of revealing how the epic battle between the demon slayer and Gary ended, as Reddit users predicted, mangaka Hiro Hashima shifted the focus entirely to a large-scale battled waged by the Alvarez Empire and the Spriggan on the Fairy Tail Guild.

As if the sheer number of Alvarez Empire soldiers isn't enough, the strongest female of the Spriggan 12, Irene Belserion, has managed to enhance their powers. Using her "Berserker," Irene boosts the strength and abilities of the Alvarez Empire's soldiers. The enhanced soldiers are now stronger, faster and much more lethal in the battle, which puts the mages at a great disadvantage.
The guild members are already fighting an uphill battle owing to the large number of combatants they are facing. However, the fact that Irene's powers have made the soldiers completely immune to pain, is truly an insurmountable challenge, especially when the soldiers do not feel anything when hit by the likes of Erza. Instead of getting hurt or falling back, the soldiers merely keep on attacking the Guild members. Their only weakness is their complete inability to think and act on their own. As expected, the magical powers that make them strong and impervious to pain, also make them "lose their minds," reveals Irene.
Irene is so confident of her soldiers; she challenges Mavis Vermillion, the first Guild Master and the co-founder of the Fairy Tail Guild, reported iTechPost. The soldiers are seen overpowering and outnumbering the Fairy Tail wizards and hope appears to be diminishing. The chapter shows the members fighting bravely, but the sheer numbers, and the mindless and persistent attacks by the soldiers, are simply too much to handle. The situation is so bad, even Erza can't create a path for the Guild members. Even Gildarts is having a very tough time facing the swelling sea of soldiers that seem to cover the entire battleground.
In the midst of despair, just as the Fairy Tail Guild seems like they stand no chance, Makarov Dreyar decides to use "Fairy Law," a very powerful, but self-destructive spell that wreaks havoc across the battlefield, reported GamenGuide. While the spell can potentially eradicate all the enemies in a single swoop, it can cause extensive damage to the one who uses the spell, and, at such an advanced age and against such a large enemy, it could be fatal for Makarov, reminds Mavis, who rushes to stop the old man from unleashing the spell in the midst of the battle that Fairy Tail Guild is clearly losing.
In the past chapters, Makarov has been shown treating the Fairy Tail Guild members with kindness and compassion. In the current chapter 505, Makarov says it is very painful to watch his "children" suffer and bleed at the hands of Irene's Berserker soldiers. He adds that he won't mind giving up his life to save them as he considers it to be "small price to pay."
Though Mavis keeps urging Makarov not to use the Fair Law, and adds there are other ways the Guild could emerge victorious, the latter calmly ignores her and unleashes the full power of the spell. When the dust settles, the entire battlefield is seen strewn with the dead soldiers of the Alvarez Empire.
While the chapter 505 ends showing a seemingly lifeless body of the great Makarov, is the great and noble warrior really dead? Has Natsu or E.N.D made short work of Gary and moved on in search of Zeref? Fairy Tail chapter 506 could reveal the answers.

[Featured Image by Hiro Hashima/Fairy Tail Manga]