New York Hotelier Vikram Chatwal, Friend Of Lindsay Lohan, Allegedly Tries To Set Dogs On Fire

New York police are investigating what is said to be a frightening incident that occurred Friday when a man identified as Vikram Chatwal allegedly tried to light dogs on fire with a lighter and an aerosol can. Chatwal, founder of the Dream, Night, and Time boutique hotels, was seen at 21 Wooster Street and was said to be yelling at the dogs in a foreign language.

Lindsay Lohan, who is said to be a close friend of Vikram Chatwal, also had troubles this year in New York when she berated a New York bartender using racially insensitive language, says The Inquisitr. Lohan and her sister Ali had locked themselves in the only bathroom in the bar and refused to come out when the bartender explained that patrons wanted to access the bathroom. This would not be the first time that Lohan and company refused to follow the rules as others do.

Page Six broke the news that an event involving animal cruelty had happened in New York on Friday and Vikram Chatwal was allegedly the perpetrator. The report says that Chatwal was enraged, screaming, and trying to light two dogs on fire using an aerosol can turned into a flame-thrower. Chatwal claimed the dogs had fleas and needed to be destroyed.


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A dog walker, Isabell Suquilanda, walked with her dogs past 21 Wooster Street and said that a man, later identified as Vikram Chatwal, yelled at her in a foreign language. Bystanders intervened to hEli the dogs, who suffered minor burns, and called the police.

“They must die!”

A witness, Roxanne Robles, says that she could not believe what she was seeing.

“I was walking down the street, and I saw this guy crouching and aggressively circling this woman and the dogs screaming at them, with a lighter and aerosol can spraying fire on the dogs. I was screaming my head off, `What the f–k are you doing?!’ I interrupted it.”

Robles says that she cannot get the image out of her mind and that she and other witnesses tried to stop the attack on the innocent dogs.

“It was like a fire- breathing dragon, shooting out flames two to three feet long,” she said. “This isn’t OK. You can’t walk the streets lighting dogs on fire and think your life can go on as usual.”

Chatwal was then allegedly dragged back into his home, but he was said to be yelling at the good samaritans, police, and bystanders taping the incident with their phone, that they couldn’t touch him, and that they didn’t have him. Chatwal told others later that he has “ticks and fleas” in his apartment, and that he blames dogs in the neighborhood. Witnesses say that Chatwal looked disheveled in sweats with his hair in a man bun.

According to TMZ, this would not be Vikram Chatwal’s first run in with the law after odd behavior. Chatwal, a fixture on the New York party circuit, was arrested in 2013 when he tried to get on a plane at the Fort Lauderdale airport carrying cocaine, weed, heroin, and various prescription pills, including Buprenorphine (an opioid), Clonazepam (a sedative), alprazolam (Xanax) and lorazepam (muscle relaxants), and Ketamine (a horse tranquilizer).

Chatwal told police that he purchased the drugs illegally and had them in his bags and on his person. The prescription drug Ketamine is no longer used in human medicine (it hasn’t been used in over thirty years), but it is still used in veterinary medicine. The drug, sometimes called Special K, only has illicit uses as a club drug.

Vikram Chatwal and Lindsay Lohan were said to have previously been romantically involved. During their relationship, Lohan was arrested outside of one of Chatwal’s hotels for a hit and run incident.

Do you think Vikram Chatwal should be arrested for this incident involving animal cruelty?

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