Trump’s Friend Robert Kiyosaki Reveals The ‘Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do’

Most people may know Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He recently called Donald Trump “most patriotic” for something you might find detestable.

Donald Trump has a lot of buddy-buddy connections in the world of business. Sometimes, particular scenarios seem borderline “scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

Such is the case with Trump’s friend Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote an article centered on Donald’s tax controversy.

As you know, records were released days ago that show that Donald Trump hasn’t paid his taxes in God knows how long.

While most Americans are being hit left and right regarding taxes, debt, and IRS collections, it appears that Trump is being “patriotic,” so says friend Kiyosaki.

Via Robert’s Rich Dad website, he posted an article written by himself, titled “Why I Hope Donald Trump Paid $0 In Taxes.”

Nope, This Isn’t Fiction

Although you might think Trump’s presidential campaign is just some type of fictional nightmare, there are those who coin it as “living the dream.”

In Kiyosaki’s post, he noted that former president Bill Clinton and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton both posted their tax returns for public viewing.

Essentially, this is something candidates do in order to show transparency, accountability, and responsibility — especially given the fact that candidates will be running one of the most financially complicated nations in the world.

However, as noted in the post and before Trump’s tax release, Donald’s friend hoped that he didn’t pay any taxes at all.

As you can see from recent reports, it’s possible that Trump hasn’t paid taxes in years. No wonder he was hesitant about releasing them to the public, right?


According to Donald Trump’s friend, the most patriotic thing a U.S. citizen can do is not pay taxes.

“I find it interesting that Hillary would choose to attack Donald Trump for not paying anything in taxes and celebrate that she paid so much in taxes,” mentions Kiyosaki.

“This to me shows that Hillary is a career politician, while Donald is a career entrepreneur. It also shows me that Donald is doing what the tax code was intended for while Hillary and Bill are being penalized for not doing what the tax code was intended for…

…As I’ve learned from my Rich Dad tax advisor, Tom Wheelwright, the most patriotic thing you can do is not pay your taxes!”

If you’ve ventured anywhere into the realm of “financial freedom” literature, chances are that you’ve come across Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad work.

How Much Do You Read?

Well, Donald Trump’s friend expresses that the government actually wants the public to use the tax code to its benefit and not pay taxes.

So, why not make its literal jargon more transparent to the public if that’s the case? You basically have to be an accountant to even know something like that, right?

“Government leaders learned a long time ago that the tax codes could be used to make people and businesses do what they want by utilizing the tax code,” notes Trump’s friend.

In an example, Donald’s friend states as follows.

“In short, the many credits and breaks that are found in the tax code are there precisely because the government wants you to take advantage of them. For instance, the government wants cheap housing. Because of this, there are many tax credits for affordable housing that developers and investors can take advantage of that minimize their tax liability, put more money in their pocket, and in turn, create affordable housing. Everyone wins.”

I’m definitely a fan of reading everything in contracts and litigation.

However, if the government wants the public to avoid paying taxes, why does the Internal Revenue Service make it a point and disservice to come after and hound citizens who haven’t paid their share?

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump might not have paid taxes for the last two decades.

And while these tax breaks may very well be included within U.S. tax code, who’s going to take the time to read its extensive catalog of legal wording?

After the first paragraph, most people’s confusion looks as if they belong on Beavis & Butthead.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s friend and his “patriotic” thoughts on Donald Trump avoiding taxes? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

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