October 9, 2016
'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' Star Milla Jovovich Kills It In Epic New Trailer [Video]

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may or may not be the last Resident Evil film and everyone right up the list to Milla Jovovich herself has speculated that this may really not be the end of the franchise. Of course, that's all conjecture and, officially, this film is The Final Chapter in more ways than one. Looking at a newly released trailer for the final Resident Evil film, it is easy to get a sense of closure, particularly when it seems as though writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson has thrown everything (including the kitchen sink) at wife and star Jovovich.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Is To Go Out With Many Big Bangs

In August, there was a trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter released to Japanese audiences, but, as Nerdist points out, it did make its way to the U.S. via the internet. We now have a new trailer, released only recently at New York Comic-Con, and it showcases Resident Evil: The Final Chapter on a much grander scale.

At two minutes and 40 seconds, the trailer outlines the plot of the film, pitting Milla Jovovich's character, Alice, against all manner of abominations from flying monsters to the standard undead hordes. Ultimately, Alice takes a team back to The Hive at the center of the Umbrella Corporation's primary facility in an attempt to take down the evil corporate entity. This means a final confrontation with Wesker (Shawn Roberts), who has become Alice's ultimate nemesis.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter brings back fan favorite characters from throughout the entire franchise, but perhaps the most anticipated character revival is that of the Red Queen from the original film. Represented as a holographic image of a little girl, the Red Queen caused ample trouble for Milla's Alice through trickery and Umbrella's unyielding protocols. The return of the Red Queen in The Final Chapter may indicate the Umbrella Corporation has found renewed life, presenting an even greater threat in the final Resident Evil film.

Milla Jovovich Raises Doubt That This Really Is The Last Film

Very often Hollywood teases the end of a franchise, when, in fact, it returns for more sequels. We all remember The Final Destination that wasn't. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has been billed as the last film of this franchise, but, as it turns out, not even its star believes it. Milla Jovovich told Yahoo Movies that she has her doubts.

"I feel like every film we've made has been the final film," Jovovich says, laughing. "I've never thought about the next one; we make the best movie we can and then take a break and see what happens."

Whether or not this really is the final chapter, Milla says the Resident Evil saga comes full circle with this film, bringing Alice right back to where it all began, 14 years ago. Fans will get answers, as Alice herself seeks out the truth and learns more about herself and about Umbrella, says Ms. Jovovich.

The action will be far above anything seen in the previous Resident Evil films, switching from the open, day-lit deserts filled with zombies to the enclosed, suffocating feel of the Umbrella Corporation's subterranean levels. Milla reveals that Anderson was ambitious with his shooting locations, set designs, and action sequences.

"These are some of the biggest action sequences I've ever done," Jovovich teases. "There's one on top of a transporter that involved almost 300 moves. And there's this one upside-down fight that's so conceptually and visually cool. I'd never done anything like that before."

Milla Jovovich says the success of the Resident Evil franchise has always relied on the gamers who played the Resident Evil games. Milla confesses to being an avid game player when she was younger. She believes fans of the films recognize her love for the games and that's something that Jovovich thinks really draws the fans in.

"In the Resident Evil video games, the boys always played the girls! Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield were the best characters. When my little brother and I first started playing, he would play Jill," shares Milla. "So the series was really made for that, and there's a lot of general goodwill towards the movies because it's clear that we love the games."

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters on January 27, 2017.

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