Megyn Kelly And Bill O’Reilly Take Ratings Dip This Week On Fox News

With no major debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump taking place this past week, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly’s ratings dropped when averaging nightly ratings at Showbuzz Daily. However, there is nothing to be concerned about as both are still far outpacing other talk show hosts. Bill O’Reilly scored an average of 3.13 million viewers this week, while Megyn Kelly averaged 2.78 viewers.

Bill O'Reilly Donald Trump
Two nights before the final debate, Bill O'Reilly said that Trump still had a chance. [Image by Randy Holmes/Getty Images]

Bill O’Reilly had his biggest ratings night on Wednesday with 3.3 million viewers. His segment on people voting for the least objectionable candidate on Monday night, however, may have hit the biggest spot with his viewers. He said an important thing that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on: There’s not much excitement for what one candidate can do. Instead, there’s hope that one will prevent the other from causing less damage to the country if elected.

O’Reilly summarized a recent Fox News poll which revealed that 57 percent of people are voting for one candidate due to fear of the other candidate being elected.

“His [Donald Trump’s] problems with voters originate in two areas: First, his business background is not compatible with politics. Business people like Trump and — to an extent — Mitt Romney before him maximize profits and promote their products in flamboyant ways. Both of those things can be exploited politically.”

Bill O’Reilly gives a recent New York Times article as an example. He notes that when the newspaper reported that Trump took a $900M+ tax loss back in 1995, they did so in an accusatory way. But almost any corporation would do the same thing. However, O’Reilly believes this can still hurt Trump politically.

“Fair-minded people can look at it in two ways — that Trump is gaming the system because he’s not upfront about his tax returns, or that he is to be admired for taking losses and then turning his companies around.”

Megyn Kelly Fox News Megyn Kelly has been feuding with other Fox News hosts regarding Donald Trump. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

Megyn Kelly was not as nice as Bill O’Reilly when speaking about Donald Trump this week. She particularly started a feud with fellow host Sean Hannity, who thought Mrs. Kelly was being too hard on Donald Trump. Business Insider has the news.

“Sean Hannity snapped at Megyn Kelly on Twitter on Wednesday night after she accused Donald Trump of dodging ‘unsafe spaces’ while favoring Hannity for most of his recent TV interviews.”

The article adds that Hannity, who used unscientific online polls last week to argue that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate, accused Megyn Kelly of being a Hillary Clinton supporter and reminded Kelly that Trump has appeared on her show a couple times before.

However, according to People, both Kelly and Hannity made up the next day.

“A day after Sean Hannity accused his Fox News colleague, Megyn Kelly, of supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a late-night tweet on Wednesday, the two reconciled with a photo posted on Twitter the following day,” wrote columnist Alexia Fernandez.

Megyn Kelly has maintained a very complicated relationship with Fox News and other co-hosts, including Bill O’Reilly. Many Fox viewers see Megyn Kelly as not conservative enough. Some have even accused her of being a word that is a pejorative at Fox News — liberal. A lot of this started after Megyn Kelly questioned Donald Trump about his statements towards other women, some of which she considered downright degrading.

Just as Bill O’Reilly’s (usually) staunch conservative stance has propelled his superstardom, the same can be said about Megyn Kelly being a moderate and sometimes taking sides with Democrats, even though people would be wrong to call her a staunch liberal. It will be interesting to see what Megyn Kelly says about the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that takes place on Sunday evening.

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