Before and after: what happened to Maia Campbell?

Maia Campbell is most well-known for her role on the TV show In The House.

But Campbell, 32, appears to have experienced somewhat of a downward spiral over the past few years. Seen below in a YouTube video, Campbell appears strung out, confused, and combative. Blogosphere gossipers have long speculated that the actress has gotten heavily involved with drugs and even prostitution, leading to her relatively rough appearance.

Here’s a pic of Campbell before not too long ago:


And this is the YouTube video (warning: extensive profanity and racial slurs) posted today that is drawing much attention and hand-wringing over a promising young star:

Whatever is going on in the video, it doesn’t look like a positive development for her life or her career.

Edit: An enterprising blogger has uncovered misdemeanor arrest reports for Maia Campbell in Inglewood for June and July of this year.