Employees At Pennsylvania Day Care Made Kids Cuss On Camera, Parents Are Outraged [Video]

Employees at a day care center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, were caught on video making kids say naughty words on camera, and now both the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the police would like a word, The Express-Times is reporting.

Parent Jhanee Ivy said she became aware of a video of small children – who appear to be between the ages of two and four years old – at Creative Minds Daycare Academy being coached into cussing on camera. She said some friends of hers were sharing it, treating it like a joke. But Ivy didn’t find it funny at all; she posted the video on Facebook, along with her thoughts about the situation.

WARNING: The video below contains strong language and may be disturbing to some viewers.

For those who would prefer not to watch the video: the camera pans to several small children, and a female voice can be heard saying, “What are they?” The children answer by saying things like “an ugly b***h” or “a f*****g b***h.”

Speaking to WFMZ (Allentown), Ivy said that she told her friend that there’s nothing funny about the video.

“As soon as she sent me the videos, I immediately called her back and told her that wasn’t funny, and she is working at a facility with children that don’t belong to her, and the parents are trusting her, and it’s not OK to do that.”

Isla Millan, the mother of one of the children in the video, didn’t find it funny, either.

“I was disgusted. I was upset. I felt embarrassed, more just surprised, also, because I never thought something like this would happen to my child.”

Millan says that when she tried to talk to her daughter about the video, the little girl cried. She has since pulled both of her children out of the day care.

day care cussing
A Pennsylvania day care worker allegedly made kids cuss on camera for her amusement. [Image by Oksana Kuzimina/Shutterstock]

Ivy said she called the day care to let them know how upset she is about the video, and also informed staffers there that she would be putting the video up online. She says she did so because she wanted other parents to know what was going on at Creative Minds so they could decide whether or not they wanted their kids there.

Ironically, now it seems as if some people are more upset with Ivy for posting the video than they are with whomever made it in the first place. She says that other parents have told her she’s wrong for posting the video.

“Shame on the PARENTS who are saying I’m wrong, because they’re protecting the WOMAN BEHIND the camera. She is a grown woman older than I am, she knows right from wrong! And common sense says that you DON’T teach toddlers that type of behavior. It isn’t funny.”

A WFMZ reporter tried to contact the staff at Creative Minds for comment. The person who answered the phone said that the worker has been fired, but declined to comment further. And when WFMZ tried to contact the fired worker, a person who identified their self as a family member of the worker also declined to comment, but did say that the former worker was so upset by the situation that she required medical attention.

It’s not just parents and the media who don’t find the video funny: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski sent a tweet saying he was disgusted by the situation.

In addition to an ongoing investigation by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, the Allentown Police Department is also investigating the video of the cussing children.

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