CNN’s Erin Burnett Says Trump Took Tic Tacs In 2010 While Married To Melania — And Kissed Erin’s Friend Without Permission [Video]

Erin Burnett has reported in the following CNN video that Donald Trump made a pass at Burnett’s friend, with the claims that the event happened to Erin’s friend in 2010 — as Burnett reports, during a time when Trump was already married to Melania Trump. Speaking with Scottie Nell Hughes, Erin read her unnamed friend’s statement, claiming that Trump also took Tic Tacs, as her friend recounted to Burnett — and offered Erin’s friend Tic Tacs as well. Then Trump leaned in and kissed the woman, reported Burnett, a move from Trump that Erin said was completely unexpected by Burnett’s friend.