James Franco Names Childhood Bully At Premiere Of Powerful, Brutal Film ‘Goat’

James Franco has just shamed a bully from his school years, according to the Toronto Sun. The 38-year-old 127 Hours actor revealed that there was a bully in his school, whom he and his friends called “Mark D**kless” behind his back.

At the premiere of James Franco’s new movie Goat in New York City last month, the actor shamed his former schoolmate who bullied the aspiring actor at the age of 8. In his interview with Page Six, the actor said the name of the bully was Mark Douglas.

“He pushed me into a bush. I didn’t have an older brother, but one of my neighbours was older and he walked me home for a while.”

But James Franco had friends who were creative enough to make fun of Mark behind his back. And they even got a nickname for the bully, “Mark D**kless.”

Goat starring James Franco, Nick Jonas, and Warcraft star Ben Schnetzer touches upon the subject of bullying as well, as the film is about a fraternity and the way boys in brotherhoods test their members’ loyalty using rather brutal methods.

During the premiere in New York, Jonas expressed his hope that the film will warn students off joining fraternities, and since his younger brother Frankie is going to college soon, this movie comes at a very opportune time for him.

In his interview with Just Jared, Jonas, who stars alongside James Franco in the Andrew Neel-directed film, revealed that he had asked his younger brother to watch the film.

“I said, ‘Look, man. Before you decide to pledge a fraternity, I’d like you to see this movie’. Just as a bit of an educational tool [showing] the worst case scenario.”

Jonas and James Franco play the lead characters in Goat, which is based on Brad Land’s memoir of the same name, according to InStyle magazine. The film has the aim to explore rough college rituals such as testing the loyalty of fraternity members.

In his interview with InStyle magazine, James Franco revealed that there were some scenes in the film which were pretty tough to film.

“It’s not real, but in a sense, you’re actually putting them through the same things that the pledges are doing, more or less.”

For the premiere, James Franco showed up in a baby blue satin bomber jacket and complemented the look with luxurious white sneakers. Jonas, who wore a sleek jacket, later joined his Goat co-star to pose in front of reporters.

James Franco can’t seem to stop producing films based on best-selling books, according to The Guardian. The actor has just signed up to make yet another film adaptation of a best-selling book.

James Franco presented his movie adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel titled In Dubious Battle at the Venice film festival earlier this month. But there are still plenty of best-selling novels for the actor-turned-director to adapt into movies!

James Franco has just been cast to play Mystery, mentor to the lead character in The Game, an upcoming film which is being adapted from Neil Strauss’s memoir of the same name. The memoir was published in 2005 and tells the story of a journalist who joined a boot camp that taught geeky men to seduce women and get them into bed. James Franco’s character is an arch pickup artist and mentor to Strauss.

While the book was heavily criticized for showing “negging” tactics, which means insulting women to lower their self-esteem and make the seduction process easier, James Franco doesn’t seem to mind, as the actor thrives on controversial projects.

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