‘Bill Clinton Is A Rapist,’ Says Twitter In The Wake Of #TrumpTapes

Twitter has a response to the #TrumpTapes hashtag that has been the No. 1 trending hashtag for quite a few hours now. And that Twitter response is that Bill Clinton is a rapist. The #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag has swelled to more than 30,000 tweets on the morning of Saturday, October 8, several hours after Donald Trump issued his Facebook video apology. Some folks are claiming that Twitter is trying to censor the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag.

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Those using the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag are pointing to Washington Post articles about Clinton from 1998, that detail Bill’s $850,000 sexual harassment lawsuit settlement with Paula Jones that took place outside the walls of a courthouse, claims the publication. According to Jones, Bill tried to get Paula to perform fellatio on him — a claim that Clinton said did not happen. Bill went so far as to say he did not even remember meeting Jones.

“Jones filed her suit in May 1994, accusing Clinton of luring her to a suite at the Excelsior Hotel during a May 8, 1991, conference when he was governor of Arkansas and she was a state clerk. During that brief encounter, she said he touched her, tried to kiss her and dropped his pants and asked for oral sex. Clinton has denied that steadfastly, maintaining he does not even remember meeting her.”

Trump supporters are pouncing on such reports as a pivoting defense mechanism against the shocking tapes of Trump speaking of grabbing women by their private parts that leaked on Friday. Trump’s taped apology regarding his 2005 comments about Nancy O’Dell, a married woman whom Trump claimed he tried to bed, was released on Facebook shortly after midnight, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Those tweeting under the #BillClintonisaRapist are also bringing up Clinton’s past involvement with women like former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who can be seen in the above photo of women who’ve claimed run-ins with Bill.

Gennifer Flowers joined Jones and Kathleen Willey — also seen in the above photo — as women who have reported untoward dealings with Bill.

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According to the Daily Mail, Flowers detailed the happenings within her claimed affair with Bill, which Gennifer says lasted 12 long years. Flowers had other shocking allegations about Bill and Hillary, with claims that Hillary was bisexual.

Flowers said that she would still be with Bill — the love of her life — if it weren’t for Chelsea Clinton. Gennifer claims that Bill begged to see her once more — and that Flowers regretted turning Bill down that last time he begged to see Gennifer. Flowers also credited Bill with teaching her everything she knew sexually, since Flowers parlayed that knowledge into becoming a sex columnist.

Reactions to the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag on Twitter can be seen from a sampling of some of the social media comments from people using the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag below.

“Everyone outraged about the are supporting this man to return to the White House. How quickly we forget!

“If Hillary Clinton wins the election, it will prove to the world that, in America, crime DOES pay.

“Hey people. Remember this? What’s that parable about throwing stones snd glass…

“I’m offended that the mainstream culture we live in label everything as rape & assault except actual rape & assault

“Bill raped women & Hillary hired investigators to dig up dirt on the women to be used as blackmail

“Don’t let the Hash tag disappear from Twitter. They’re trying to censor us. Fight it.”

As expected, many of the folks on social media using the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag are Trump supporters, according to their social media profiles. However, some people using the #BillClintonIsARapist hashtag have hijacked the hashtag to show their support for Hillary.

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