Brittanee Drexel: Teen Gang Raped, Shot, And Fed To Alligators, Parents Speak Out For The First Time Since Learning The Gruesome Details

Brittanee Marie Drexel was gang raped, shot dead, and then fed to alligators near Myrtle Beach, according to an extensive FBI investigation into the horrific crime. Drexel, 17, left from Rochester, New York with friends for spring break in 2009, and never returned home again.

Drexel’s parents have been trying to get answers about their daughter’s disappearance for seven years. The then high school junior lied to her parents about the spring break trip. Brittanee claimed she was spending the long weekend break at a friend’s house, the Post and Courier reports.

It was not until this summer that FBI agents were able to figure out Brittanee Drexel had been gang raped, murdered, and thrown into an alligator pit in McClellanville, South Carolina. Although there are some suspects in the gruesome sexual assault and homicide, no one has yet been arrested.

The New York teen’s parents recently appeared on Dr. Phil’s show to discuss what happened to their beloved daughter. Dawn and Chad Drexel opened up for the first time publicly about the results of the FBI investigation. Brittanee’s remains have still not been found, and investigators believe it is likely they never will be recovered.

FBI investigators believe Brittanee Drexel was picked up off the street as she walked back from visiting a friend at a nearby hotel. A traffic camera captured an image of the New York teenager as she walked down the street and into the hotel, but never spotted her as she exited to return to the hotel where she and a group of friends were staying.

The law enforcement investigators used cellphone pings to track the likely movements of Drexel after she went missing, the Daily Mail reports. The FBI believes Brittanee was held inside a home in McClellanville for three days and was raped by multiple men during that time.

A tip from a jailhouse informant led FBI investigators to piece together what they believe happened to Drexel. Taquan Brown claims to have witnessed Brittanee’s final terrifying moments.

“The jailhouse informant said he walked into this house in McClellanville – it’s called a stash house,” Dawn Drexel told Dr. Phil. “It’s somewhere where they can put drugs and illegal things.”

According to the grieving mother, the jailhouse informant said he was walking inside the stash house when he saw Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor and several other men, raping Brittanee.

“Brittanee tried to escape and they ran out and got her and brought her back into the house and pistol whipped her and beat her and shot her,” Dawn told Dr. Phil, relaying what the informant told the police. “My heart just broke because Brittanee didn’t deserve this.”

Chad Drexel told Dr. Phil that when he went to McClellanville to post and hand out missing person flyers featuring his daughter’s image, he actually met Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor. While standing on a rural dirt road asking all who passed by if they had seen his daughter, a car full of young men he stopped had Taylor as a passenger.

Brittanee’s father did not know at the time he had just spoken to the FBI’s prime suspect in his daughter’s gang rape and murder.

“I handed the flyer to the driver and the two people in the back were whispering,” Chad Drexel said. “I stick my head in and say do you know anything about this girl, I’m her dad? They laugh and I just give the flyer to the driver and he crumples it up and tosses it out the window and drives off as they are all laughing.”

It was not until Drexel returned to the office of a local private detective he had hired to help locate his daughter that he learned he had just met the man investigators believe facilitated the gang rape and murder.

“Brittanee didn’t even know these people. And for them to do that to my daughter is just, I mean, for nothing. I just feel like, you know, they’re monsters. I mean, they have no regard for anybody’s life,” the father told Dr. Phil.

Taquan Brown told police he went in the stash house to pay Da’Shaun Taylor’s father, Shaun, some money. He said he saw Brittanee getting dragged back inside and being pistol whipped before hearing two gun shots ring out. It was a short time later, according to the jailhouse informant, that he saw what he believed to be her wrapped up body, being carried out of the house.

FBI investigators also revealed several other witnesses now maintain they saw Brittanee Drexel’s body being thrown into the “alligator pit” and being “eaten by gators.”

Da’Shaun Taylor denies he ever even met Brittanee Drexel.

“I want you to respond to what FBI agent Gary Munoz testified about, that Taquan Brown said that he witnessed, and give you an opportunity to respond to that. He said that you picked her up from Myrtle Beach and went back down to McClellanville,” Dr. Phil asked Da’Shaun Taylor when he appeared on his show via satellite.

Taylor’s attorneys were in Dr. Phil’s studio during the entire interview. Da’Shaun only admitted to living in McClellanville at the time Brittanee Drexel disappeared.

“My reaction to it was like, you know, it’s not true,” Taylor told Dr. Phil. “I never saw her, I’d never seen her besides the television and the internet. Through a computer screen. So when they read it out it was unbelievable.”

Taylor’s mother, Joan Taylor, said the police story implicating her family is entirely fabricated and even dubbed it “craziness.”

FBI investigators stated they were able to back up the informant’s story with comments and “second hand information” they were able to track down based off Brown’s statements. Another inmate in a different correctional institution also confirmed the same information.

The second informant told the FBI Da’Shaun Taylor was in Myrtle Beach and met Brittanee and did take her back to McClellanville. According to the inmate, Taylor “showed her off” to his friends and then “tricked her out” with some of his friends and offered her as gift for a human trafficking operation.

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