Massive Bright Light UFO Filmed Descending Over Moscow, Russia Goes Viral [Video]

Cell phone footage showing a mysterious bright light UFO hovering over a residential area of Moscow, the capital city of Russia, has gone viral online after alien chasers suggested it was an extraterrestrial craft coming in to land at a nearby UFO base.

The footage, taken by a shocked resident of Moscow, shows a bright ball of light hovering and flying very low over apartment buildings in a residential section of the city. The massive ball of light then descends to ground level gradually as if approaching a designated landing spot.

The footage was first uploaded online on October 3 by Vladimir Tillman, a Moscow resident, who reportedly filmed the bright light UFO flying over the residential Marfino District of the city, InformVest reports.

The short clip first went viral on the Russian social media site VK after it was shared with thousands of enthusiasts on a Russian UFO forum.

The huge bright light UFO hovers for minutes and then flies slowly over residential apartments before eventually disappearing from sight.

According to Russian media reports, despite the viral attention the latest footage has attracted, this is not the first time that the UFO has been sighted descending to ground level in Russia.

“You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow. I’ve seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities.”

Bright light UFO in the sky
Bright light UFO appears in the sky over Moscow [Image by RealCG Animation Studio/Shutterstock]

Russia is notorious as a UFO hotspot. Thousands of sightings are reported in Moscow, Volgograd, Astrakhan, and the vast remote region of Siberia every year, according to RT.

The Russian website REN TV recently reported that three frightened pilots, a Russian, Chinese, and Korean, claimed to have sighted an identical glowing UFO hovering in the air over Tomsk in Siberia.

UFO enthusiasts are touting the Russian footage as the latest video evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Enthusiasts claim that with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide having reported UFO sightings, only ignorant and close-minded individuals continue to deny the existence of UFOs.

According to enthusiasts, the credibility of thousands of UFO sighting claims in recent years is enhanced by the testimonies of notable individuals, such as former U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

Celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Mohammed Ali, and Robbie Williams all claimed to have seen UFOs.

“There is no doubt that there is life out there,” an enthusiast argued, according to Express. “The mathematics of it lead you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems with life in all its forms.”

“I have no idea what this thing is. UFO is the first thing which comes to mind.”

UFO shines bright light
UFO descends to ground level over Moscow [Image by FullRix/Shutterstock]

But skeptics say that while they agree with the premise of the argument that there could be life elsewhere in our huge universe, the latest footage does not contribute credible evidence to the assertion.

“So if you see something flying around but don’t understand what it is, you are free to call it UFO,” a viewer remarked sarcastically.

“What makes these sightings absurd is that they are always filmed at a distance,” another viewer commented. “Surely there was someone closer or under it with a cell phone. Those closer obviously didn’t think it was a UFO.”

“Someone strapped a few of those super bright flashlights that you can only buy on the Internet onto a remote control quad copter,” a skeptic said on YouTube.

Some skeptics suggested that the footage actually shows a helicopter with a searchlight attached. But the witness insisted that he heard no engine or rotor sounds and that the craft flew silently.

“This incredibly bright UFO looks a lot like the UFO that defended over the sacred Temple Rock when thousands of tourists were watching,” UFO blogger Scott C. Waring commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

But Waring expressed disappointment that the 18-second footage does not reveal enough about the UFO’s trajectory. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered about the nature of the craft, according to the UFO blogger.

“This Moscow UFO is only seen for a little bit on video, but I would really like to know how it came, and how it left the area,” he said. “The movement of the UFO really helps determine if it is a UFO or not.”

[Featured Image by KNEFEL/Shutterstock]