J.K. Rowling’s Next Book Will Be For Children

After receiving mixed reviews for her latest book, The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling has decided that her next book will be written for children.

At the Cheltenham Literature Festival in England Sunday, the Harry Potter author said she has several ideas for her next book, and that it would be aimed at a younger audience than the series that made her famous.

“I have a lot of things on my laptop currently, including a couple of things for children—for a slightly younger age group than Harry Potter was aimed at—which are nearly done and will, I think, be the next thing I publish,” Rowling said. She also said she has run the books by her children and “they seem to like them, which is always a good sign.”

Rowling also said she sometimes makes up bedtimes stories for her three children, but that she didn’t have any plans to put them into a book.

“They are tailored very much for my children, so don’t expect to see those being published anytime soon,” she said.

While Rowling’s first adult novel sold 124,603 copies in its first week, it wasn’t even close to selling as many copies as the Harry Potter books. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows sold 500,000 copies just on pre-orders alone. And although The Casual Vacancy has been widely panned, the 47-year-old author isn’t done with writing adult novels just yet.

“I also have some ideas for another book for adults but it isn’t too far on (in development),” Rowling said.

What do you think of J.K. Rowling returning to children’s books?