Don’t Like Trump? Blame Hillary

Sometimes it takes me a while to really see what’s going on. Something’s been nagging at me about that Pied Piper email that finally clicked into place and I have to share with y’all.

First of all, Democrats. C’mere, I wanna talk to you quick.

You don’t like Trump? Okay, well — blame Hillary. She handpicked Trump for her opponent. The Republican primary was not a fair primary, it was rigged by the media on orders from her and the DNC. She made that happen. She wrote the script we’re living through right now.

By conspiring with the DNC and the media, Hillary “elevated” Trump to be the front-runner and lead them all over the cliff, strangely (but not surprisingly) a full two months before Trump even announced his candidacy. This whole election was scripted back in April 2015. They wrote the script, we’re living it. They’re acting all surprised that it came to this, but like everything else they do, they’re faking it. This is exactly how they planned it to go down.

You’ve probably read the email by now; it was a few days ago, which feels like a hundred years in this crazy news cycle. In the script, they made Trump their Pied Piper, the crazy one that if you made him leader he’d drag them all over the cliff. The idea was that by the convention, the Republicans would be stuck with a nominee who was not only being destructive within the party, he also wouldn’t be able to win.

Basically, they wanted someone who Hillary would look good next to. Someone so far to the right that she would look left. So crazy insane that she would look trustworthy. So evil, she’d look less evil.

At that stage, they were looking at either Trump, Cruz or Carson doing that job for them.

Clearly, they went with Trump.

That was their plan, they implemented it perfectly, and now you have exactly the party they planned for us all — a Trump vs. Clinton election.

They wanted to be able to say “But do you want Trump?” This was the plan, and here we are. Not an accident. Scripted. We have the evidence.

And what’s more, they executed it effortlessly. It was a success. But this is the spooky thing — there are two basic assumptions upon which this strategy is based, two basic assumptions that didn’t fail them.

The first was that Hillary would win the primary. This is a year and some change before the convention. That’s one hell of an underlying assumption.

The other assumption they made is jaw-dropping when you think about the implications: they assumed the media would do what they told them to.

That’s not even discussed in the agenda. There is one off-hand line with a typo in it — “We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously.” They were so sure of their ability to place stories and control the media’s narrative that that wasn’t even a part of the discussion.

The only thing they were discussing in those emails is whom to elevate. Not how. The understanding that the media would play along didn’t even need to be stated.

They knew they would do that job for them. And oh boy, did they. They elevated him good and proper. At times, he was the only one they talked about.

Now here’s the real kicker, and this is where I want to start talking to Republicans: they knew they could control the narrative of the other side’s campaigns. The other side of politics. They knew that they could point the journalists at Trump and say “make him win” and that wouldn’t be weird for anyone. That wouldn’t raise any alarms. They wouldn’t say “Hey, I don’t work for you, remember?” or “Dude, I can’t swing their election for you. I’m not even meant to swing your election for you,” or any of the other pesky things free agents of the press say when you try and make them do stuff for you. Right through the emails, they talk freely about placing stories on the Dems side, but did we know they were fiddling with the Republican side as well?

Not only did they rig the Democratic primaries — they rigged the Republican ones as well. Have we really grokked into that?

And, they knew they could! That was the assumption upon which the strategy was made. Basically that email was saying — so we have complete control of the media — how do we want them to make this happen for us?

That’s a small but telling detail that we need to bring into the light.

Can we start talking about this please? Bi-partisanly? I’m not used to collaborating with Republicans, but I think you’ll agree, this is a concern for everyone.

When the Clinton/DNC/media are working so cohesively that they can control the other side of politics as well, we have more than a two-headed monster of a one party system — we just have a monster. A democracy-eating monster.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]