Detroit Newborn Mauled To Death By A Pit Bull

Detroit, MI – Newborn, Tarilyn Luciana Bowles, was attacked and killed by a pit bull on Thursday. A photo of the beautiful three-week-old baby was released for the first time on Verheyden.Org on Monday. The image of the angelic little girl sleeping soundly with a pacifier in her mouth and matching pink bow in her hair, puts an unforgettably face on the horrific tragedy.

Tarilyn’s family is reportedly, and understandably, distraught and preparing for the funeral scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Dawn Ramirez, the newborn’s grandmother, shared her thoughts during an interview with Freep.Com:

“When the baby came, it brought our family back together.

The pit bull attacked the baby while Tarilyn was asleep at the home of a family friend. Just before 6 pm, a 24-year-old female friend place the car seat holding the still strapped newborn onto the floor and stepped away briefly. When the little girl’s mother arrived just a few moments later, she saw the dog ripping into her daughter’s face, according to the Daily Mail.

Tarilyn was rushed to Sinai-Grace Hospital, where she was pronounced dead from the injuries she sustained in the pit bull attack. Tarilyn’s mother stated she did not know her friend’s pit bull was inside the house. The animal had just been fed some scraps at the back door and somehow managed to get into the house undetected.

Neighbor Rose Hill had this to say during an interview shared by Click On Detroit:

“They have a pole in their hand to get into the backyard. If the dog is that vicious, you shouldn’t even have the dog, period.

The two-year-old pit bull was taken from the home later the same evening and placed in an animal control facility. Blood stains on the dog’s fur were allegedly visible as police officers lead the animal away from the house. The dog, King, has been euthanized. The family had other young children in the home and had raised King from a puppy.