Journalist Christopher Hitchens Warned Us About The Clintons And Their ‘Clintonoids’

Deceased journalist Christopher Hitchens warned us all before he died in 2011 about the “quite seriously nasty” Clintons and their “Clintonoids” in an article explaining the end of his friendship with former “White House aide Sidney Blumenthal,” published by Vanity Fair.

Yes, before WikiLeaks, there was Christopher Hitchens, an honest journalist who gave testimony to the House Judiciary Committee regarding what he describes in his article as “the deranged atmosphere of Clinton’s Washington” and the “Clintonoids.”

“A Clinton witness… had said that the White House staff had never done anything to spread the president’s famous and desperate smear of Monica Lewinsky as a stalker and blackmailer. I had a strongly contrasting impression….”

Hitchens revealed that he became convinced there was a problem with the Clintons and the Clintonoids early on.

“I had become utterly convinced, as early as the 1992 campaign, that there was something in the Clinton makeup that was quite seriously nasty. The automatic lying, the glacial ruthlessness, the self-pity, the indifference to repeated exposure, the absence of any tincture of conscience or remorse, the awful piety—these were symptoms of a psychopath.”

Doubts were cast upon the character of the Clintons. The women are: Gennifer Flowers, left, Paula Jones, third from left, and Kathleen Willey. [Image by AP Images]

But the journalist continued by telling readers it got worse from that point. Hitchens realized things actually grew worse for others as Clinton usually found “a way of sacrificing a subordinate and then biting his lip in the only gesture of contrition he had learned to master.”

Regarding the Democratic leadership, perjury, the Clintons, and the Clintonoids, Hitchens writes this eye-popping bit.

“Anyway, the offense of perjury has been so downwardly defined by the Clintonoids that it can’t seriously be charged against a perjurer’s apprentice. Morally, also, it has been defined by the Democratic leadership as an offense only slightly worse than telling the truth.”

But that was the world as Hitchens saw it when Bill Clinton was the president and Hillary Clinton was the first lady. What has happened since then?

Voters may remember a few years ago when they were told an inspiring story by former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who left the White House with her husband and later became a senator for New York and then fought hard in 2008 to beat a “hope and change” rival, Barack Obama, for the Oval Office.

And media reports that “[n]o Clinton insider was more reviled in the [Obama] West Wing than [Sidney] Blumenthal, who goaded reporters to pursue the most salacious rumors about Obama during the 2008 campaign,” according to the 2014 Politico Magazine article. This can explain why Obama Administration officials nixed the idea of having Blumenthal join Hillary Clinton over at State in January 2009. Per the quote by former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs, it seems very clear.

“Hell, no. If she hires [Sidney Blumenthal], I’m out of here.”

And according to the Politico story, David Axelrod added his own similar sentiment of leaving if Clinton hired her pal Blumenthal as a State Department “kitchen cabinet” adviser.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was chosen to inform Clinton that pal Blumenthal was not going to join the Obama Administration.

Clinton and Blumenthal managed to stay connected unofficially anyway, and a New York Times story reported the way Clinton and Blumenthal remained very connected while she was Secretary of State. Michael S. Schmidt writes that Clinton’s “expansive use of the private account was alarming to current and former National Archives and Records Administration officials and government watchdogs, who called it a serious breach.”

If voters did not see the previous Inquisitr story, Colin Powell and mega Democrat donor Jeffrey Leeds seemed to understand about how much the Clintons “hate” the Obamas, and Hillary has a “mafia” that may or may not be a reference to the Clintonoids.

Apparently, when the Clintons came out of the White House, they were “not only dead broke but in debt,” and it was a big revelation to many. So just how did the Clintons get into that financial hole and exactly how did they claw their way out of that terrible situation?

There is a YouTube video, from the Washington Free Beacon, which carries the Clinton interview.

Viewer comments on the video dislodge a bit of spleen-venting and anger this year, and here is just one by an individual named jpmvidal1 who believes that “political influence” is needed.

“If you are broke and work hard for 15 years, you too can accumulate 250 million dollars. But you need to have political influence. Then you will be paid commissions for your political favors. So you helped bailed out Goldman Sachs in 2008? Great. Goldman will return you the favor by paying you lots of money for a one-hour conference.”

The Clintons and their Clintonoids, Sidney Blumenthal to name one, have been busted by some of the newest revelations from WikiLeaks, per the story by Chuck Ross over at the Daily Caller.

“A memo Sidney Blumenthal forwarded to his friend Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state contained information classified as SECRET both when he sent it and currently, the FBI’s Clinton email investigation report says.”

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton
President Barack Obama looks on as former President Bill Clinton speaks in the briefing room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 10, 2010. [Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]

Previously reported news of the Clinton scandals and the Clintonian efforts to avoid perjury can be found here in the Inquisitr regarding the cozy relations between Clinton Foundation-State Department, Hillary Clinton’s impaired memory, as told to agents of the FBI, as well as Clinton email and private server issues brought up by the military during a forum.

As voters consider who to put in the highest leadership position of our nation, Hitchens is now gone, but perhaps his observations about Clinton and the Clintonoids may help in the very important November decision for the 2016 election.

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