WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Could Miss An Additional Year Of Action Due To Injured Neck

It has been a tumultuous year to say the least for female WWE superstar Paige. She entered into a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and seemed to fall hard for him immediately. Their romance became the source for many headlines in 2016, up to and including this past week. It’s unfortunate that Paige’s work in the ring hasn’t been able to match the amount of heat she’s generated outside it.

When Paige and Del Rio first linked up, there were rumors backstage that it was causing some friction between her and Charlotte, who had previously dated Alberto. Vince McMahon relishes the idea of taking real-life animosity and exploiting it on WWE programming. Paige and Charlotte did engage in a memorable feud in late 2015, but nothing was reignited beyond a single match on RAW in light of the relationship drama.

Then came the WWE’s brand extension draft. The Inquisitr reported back in August that Triple H exercised his backstage power by splitting up the couple. Paige was drafted to RAW, while Del Rio went to SmackDown. Several reports surfaced throughout the summer that HHH was at odds with Del Rio over a perceived lack of commitment to the WWE, a social life that was getting out of hand, and the belief that it was all rubbing off on Paige.

Vince still had high hopes for Del Rio following the brand split, but Triple H was able to convince him to hold off on any push, which would ultimately lead to the two sides parting ways. Paige was rumored to follow him out the door as well, reportedly going so far as to bring in legal representation to discuss her options if she were to breach her contract.

Eventually, Paige and the WWE resolved any differences they might have had, and she committed herself to staying. However, a neck injury has prevented her from returning to the ring, as she hasn’t competed in a match on WWE television since June 27. Although several injured WWE superstars were deemed ineligible for the draft, Paige, as noted, was selected for RAW, but she’s yet to appear on the flagship show.

Two weeks ago, it appeared that Paige was on her way back to resuming her full-time role in the company. With the lack of depth in the women’s division on both shows, there’s a good chance she’d be inserted into a meaningful program upon her return. She was reported to have been backstage for two straight Monday night shows, but she was obviously not used.

And more recently came some even worse news. As mentioned, Paige has been out of action since June with a neck injury that eventually was deemed worse than originally thought. A recent visit with her doctor resulted in two choices that she’ll have to decide between, both involving surgery, as reported by Ringside News.

The first surgery would get her back in the ring sooner (a few months) but would not fix the problem with her neck completely. The second option is fusion surgery, which would heal Paige entirely but would require her to miss an additional year of time in the ring. As she posted on her Twitter account, Paige has yet to make a decision as to which option she will choose, so it’s certainly worth monitoring.

Paige may continue to be in the news as it relates to Del Rio, however. There have been many conflicting reports over the last few days, citing her involvement in the stabbing involving Alberto in San Antonio that led to his absence from a AAA event last weekend. Her social media activity is also a major topic of discussion lately, with Ringside labeling a recent post as an “obsession” over her boyfriend.

There’s a good chance that much of this will be documented on the upcoming season of Total Divas, but it’s interesting to note that the WWE hasn’t promoted her role on the show despite being a featured cast member. But as far as wrestling is concerned, despite the fact that she traveled to several recent RAW tapings and house show events, Paige will likely be out for at least a few more months, perhaps longer.

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