Prince Harry Perfectly Carries On Princess Diana’s Charitable Legacy

Prince Harry has taken on the role of continuing with his late mother Princess Diana’s charitable work, and by all accounts, he is doing a fantastic job with carrying on the legacy that she started decades ago.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s late mother, immersed herself in a number of humanitarian causes during her lifetime, with one of her most remarkable contributions being towards raising awareness about HIV and AIDS. Prince Harry has eagerly expressed his desire to carry on his mother’s legacy by appealing to youth activists to step up their efforts to fight against the HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

Earlier, Prince Harry visited the famous hospital that his mother visited many years ago to interact with doctors and patients as a part of his campaign to increase awareness regarding HIV. Prince Harry is also fulfilling his mother’s wish of honoring today’s youth who have proved to be good role models by transforming the lives of others in a positive way.

As a part of his mission to motivate young people to be inspiring role models, Prince Harry attended a youth mentor training event that was organized by Aberdeenshire’s Mackie Academy. The mentoring event has been named as the Diana Award Training Day to encourage young people to achieve Prince Diana-inspired vision, and to develop youth mentors who will help people through their deeds.

As a part of his mission, Prince Harry interacted with 60 Scottish students who are being groomed to be youth mentors. Prince Harry’s involvement is being viewed as an impactful one since it is easy for today’s young people to identify themselves with the 32-year-old fun-loving royal patron, who can, in turn, motivate people between the ages to 20-30 to become active mentors. According to People magazine, Tessy Ojo, the chief executive of the Diana Award charity, explained why Prince Harry had been ideally suited to drive the initiative.

“He is like the boy everybody knows, in some sense. Everyone identifies with him; they can identify with various aspects of his life.”

Apart from interacting with the students, Prince Harry also enjoyed some fun moments with the attendees by entertaining them with his dab dance moves. People magazine reports that Prince Harry’s dance moves particularly shocked a group of Scottish girls who couldn’t believe that a member of the Royal Family would be so casual and friendly in his public demeanor.

This is not the first time that Prince Harry has won the hearts of the common people with his dance moves. Previously, Prince Harry had entertained both deaf children as well as children who have the HIV virus by dancing along with them during his humanitarian trip to Maseru in Lesotho. Additionally, Prince Harry had also danced along with underprivileged children at a day care center in Chile.

After attending the Diana Award mentoring program, Prince Harry reviewed the community projects that were organized by Sported, a charity organization that mobilizes community sports groups to promote the welfare of disadvantaged groups. According to Express magazine, Prince Harry checked up on the Streetsport initiative at Robert Gordon University in addition to assessing the activities organized by Transition Extreme Sports which aim to bring a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged youngsters through sports.

Prince Harry’s Aberdeenshire visit came a few days after he celebrated his 32nd birthday in the Queen’s secluded Scottish Balmoral estate.

It is clear that the royal descendant has stepped up his charity work ever since he left the army in 2015. After retiring from the military, Prince Harry actively worked towards wildlife conservation in Africa and, as a part of his work towards protecting endangered rhinos and elephants, the famous young royal toured various African nations including Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Botswana to address several issues concerning wildlife protection.

Recently, he has actively participated in the 500 Elephants project, a Malawi wildlife project that aims to rehabilitate 500 elephants whose survival is being threatened by poaching and habitat destruction. Prince Harry is still contributing towards the welfare of military personnel by patronizing the Invictus Games, a multi-sport event in which disabled or wounded soldiers participate in various sports.

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