‘You And Everyone You Know Are Dead, Your Kids Die Too’: Fox News’ Shep Smith Gives Dire Hurricane Matthew Warning

Hurricane specialists and meteorologists are claiming that Hurricane Matthew may cause unheard of devastation to the East Coast as the monster storm bears down on Florida. However, Fox News’ Shep Smith took the warning to a whole new level when he informed viewers that “you and everyone you know are dead” if you don’t heed evacuation warnings. Smith went on to tell viewers that “your kids die too.”

The Business Insider reports that Fox News anchor Shep Smith is receiving mixed feedback for his report on Hurricane Matthew. The news anchor was attempting to portray an overt sense of urgency for the evacuation of individuals in the path of the monstrous storm. To drive the point home, Smith told viewers that if you are in an evacuation area and do not heed the warnings by officials, “you and everyone you know are dead.” He went on to say that “your kids die too.”

“This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead — all of you — because you can’t survive it. It’s not possible unless you’re very, very lucky. And your kids die, too.”

The new anchor noted that hurricanes are unpredictable, and if Hurricane Matthew was just 20 miles off course that everyone left in the evacuation areas would be dead, as humanity would be unable to survive the devastation. He went on to mock those who remained behind, noting that they were doing it because of freedom and stuff.”

According to the Daily Mail, Shep then went on to state that “freedom” would result in law enforcement putting their own lives at risk to “dig you out.”

“You must evacuate it’s a rule, but not everyone is listening because ‘freedom’ and stuff. Freedom – tell that to the one who has to come dig you out… you love law enforcement until all of a sudden you put them in jeopardy, think about it.”

Many took to Twitter to praise Smith for “telling it like it is.” However, not everyone agreed. Others called Smith’s statements “irresponsible” and demanded that the news anchor lose his job over the “insensitive” statements.

While Shep Smith is being called “distasteful” for his choice of language regarding the urgency of the Hurricane Matthew evacuations, he isn’t the only one being blunt about the storm’s potential death toll. Governor Rick Scott informed Floridians that “people will die” due to the storm. Likewise, senior hurricane specialist with The Weather Channel Bryan Norcross informed viewers that they should absolutely leave the area if they are in the path of the storm, noting that no one should “assume” they could survive.

“This is like no storm in the record books. We are concerned about reports of people deciding to stay in areas under mandatory evacuation orders. This is a mistake. This is not hype. This is not hyperbole, and I am not kidding. I cannot overstate the danger of this storm. Do not assume you can survive if you decide to stay.”

What do you think about the shocking warnings coming from news anchors and meteorologists regarding Hurricane Matthew? Is their speech justified given the potential devastating nature of this storm?

[Featured Image by David Goldman/AP Images]