‘Pokemon GO’ Update And Ditto Caught!

The next Pokemon GO update is designed to help trainers catch rare Pokemon they run across in the wild, according to publisher Niantic. While this may not be much of a help to players who have been playing from the beginning, Pokemon GO just launched this week in 31 countries. Those people should benefit a great deal from the next update.

According to Nintendo Everything in the latest update, players will be awarded a catch bonus when earning medals for catching a specific type of Pokemon (grass, water, fire). For instance, the Kindler medal is awarded when a player catches 50 fire Pokemon. This type of Pokemon include Charmander, Ponyta, and Flareon. As a player reaches a higher tier of the Kindler medal, “your bonus to catch fire-type Pokemon increases.”

[Image by Niantic Labs]

This can come in handy when coming across one of the more rare fire Pokemon like Vulpix. Having a rare Pokemon run away from you is a particularly frustrating event considering it could be some time before one sees that Pokemon again.

Furthermore, in the case of combination-type Pokemon like Venomoth, there is expected to be increases in both categories they inhabit. In Venomoth’s case, a player would be awarded the average of your normal type and flying type bonuses.

This is a second major change that Niantic has made to Pokemon GO in the last two months. Last month, they introduced the buddy system. With the buddy system, players can have one of their caught Pokemon walk behind them to earn candies. The more kilometers walked, the more candy earned. Candies are vital to evolving and powering up your Pokemon.

Niantic is not the only company making Pokemon GO more user-friendly. September also saw the introduction of Pokemon GO Plus to the world. The Pokemon GO Plus by Nintendo is a dongle that allows a player to do common tasks in GO without having to have the phone open the entire time.

Players can now pick up PokeBalls and potions at PokeStops as well as catch Pokemon they have already registered in their Pokedex with a simple push of the button. The Pokemon GO Plus also keeps up with the distance walked which is essential not just with the buddy system previously mentioned but also with hatching eggs players can obtain at PokeStops. Many times an egg have a rare Pokemon inhabiting it.

While all of these features have gone a long way to curbing issues with the initial release, Niantic has yet to address the sightings portion of the interface. At release, it worked as a radar to give the player an idea of how close a certain Pokemon was. The functionality never worked right which prompted third-party sites to create their own. Niantic shut that down, and it still hasn’t fixed the in-game radar.

Another question many fans have is when the final Pokemon from generation one will be introduced. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres still have not officially been released into the wild. Considering these three represent the mascots to the three teams in the game, fans are anxious for news of when they can expect them.

Furthermore, Mewtwo, who was featured in the trailer to Pokemon GO, is also missing in action. During the commercial, players were seen rushing to Time Square in an attempt to catch the elusive beast. Mew has also yet to be seen by anyone.

The mystery of the last Pokemon yet to be seen, Ditto, may have finally been solved. According to Pokemon Go Hub, the missing Ditto has finally been caught with the release of Pokemon GO in Africa. There is no confirmation that this is true to this point, but the player provided what seems to be authentic screenshots. It is thought that Ditto could be exclusive to the African region.

[Image by Pokemon GO Hub]

What do you think about the upcoming Pokemon GO update? Will it help you out with generation one, or will more Pokemon need to be released for this news to matter?

[Feature Image by The Pokemon Company International]