New Season Of ‘Gold Rush’ Brings Risky Changes And New Challenges

There are times when taking a big risk can yield an even bigger reward, and the Gold Rush crews are known for their willingness to gamble on where the next big gold strike may be. Sometimes having a great gold-mining season isn’t enough, and as the miners gear up for a new season of Gold Rush, none of them are content to maintain a “business as usual” attitude.

This will be a pivotal year on Gold Rush for 21-year-old Parker Schnabel as he faces an even more challenging season of gold mining after the loss of his mentor and beloved grandfather. Gold Rush fan-favorite John Schnabel was the one person Parker knew he could always turn to for some wise advice and counseling, and the 96-year-old died in his sleep on March 18, 2016.

Gold Rush posted on October 5 to their Facebook page a link where fans can go to view hand-picked episodes that feature John Schnabel. In another post, fans can ask Parker questions that he will respond to in a video at a later time. Almost all of the questions being asked so far on the Gold Rush page have to do with the elder Schnabel, but many fans also sent their condolences to the Schnabel family. Even though John is gone, Parker still has plenty of family support and his new girlfriend hailing from Australia, Ashley Yule, has joined him in the Klondike and will undoubtedly make an appearance on Gold Rush.

Although Parker has a lot to deal with personally, he isn’t letting that stop him from making one of his biggest investments ever. According to the Futon Critic, Parker Schnabel takes a big risk by purchasing a customized, $600,000 wash plant, which should enable him to process even more gold. He definitely plans to top his impressive, record-breaking 3,362 ounces of gold worth almost $3.5 million from last season, and it remains to be seen if the changes he makes will put him ahead of rival Todd Hoffman.

This season on Gold Rush will determine if Parker can rely on his own resolve to get the job done and take what he’s learned from his grandfather to keep his crew and machinery all working together long enough to have another impressive gold-mining season.

Todd Hoffman is known for taking big risks as well on Gold Rush, often with mixed and less-than-desirable results. Last season was the Hoffman crew’s best, bringing in 3,032 ounces of gold worth a little over $3 million and coming in a close second to Parker. Red Carpet Crash shares that on this season of Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman and his crew decide to take what could be the biggest gamble ever as they make the risky and daunting move from the Klondike, to the High Bar mine in Oregon. Hoffman is so confident in regard to what they will find at the new mine, that he sets a lofty goal of retrieving 5,000 ounces of gold. This is 2,000 ounces above what he’s ever mined before, and as Todd quickly discovers, reaching that goal won’t come easy this season on Gold Rush.

Tony Beets took a big risk last season on Gold Rush, restoring a massive dredge that came with a rather large learning curve. Now it seems as though the ancient machine is still capable of making a profit since Beets and his team mined 737 ounces of gold which is worth more than $800,000. On this season of Gold Rush, Tony has turned his eyes toward resurrecting another 75-year-old dredge. This one is twice as big, and Beets is taking a major risk with this $2 million dollar investment. The hard part will be disassembling the dredge enough so that it can be moved 150 miles to a remote spot down the river. Then the machine will need to be reassembled, repaired, and any broken or missing parts replaced before they can even begin to think of using it to mine for gold.

Tony will need the other dredge to work flawlessly in order to support the costs of the new dredge, but problems quickly arise. As the Beets family pitches in to help run the rest of their gold-mining operation, Tony’s son, Kevin, finds himself in trouble with the patriarch of the family after the first dredge sinks within days of the new season gearing up. Whether Tony, his family, and his crew can pull it all together on this season of Gold Rush is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, this time, Tony has taken on more than he or his crew can handle.

Are you a fan of Gold Rush? Who do you think will come out on top this season? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Gold Rush returns for a seventh season on Friday, October 14 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery channel.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]