‘Total Bellas’ Series Premiere Recap: Daniel Bryan Retirement, Nikki Bella Injury, And John Cena’s Insane House Rules

While fans of the Bella Twins were excited to find out that Brie Bella is pregnant with husband Daniel Bryan’s baby, a new chapter in the lives of Nikki and Brie began with the series premiere of Total Bellas on E! After the success of Total Divas, the new show featuring the Bellas and their loved ones feels a lot like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as everyone hangs out at John Cena’s immaculate home. That includes Brie and Daniel, the Bellas mother and her fiance, John Lauranitis, and the Bellas brother, JJ.

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The taping of the show began soon after Daniel Bryan had abruptly announced his retirement from WWE, a decision he was still coping with. Nikki Bella was preparing for neck surgery, and John Cena had just started rehab on his shoulder. These stories make up a large portion of the first episode of Total Bellas, along with Cena’s intense rules for his house guests and the fact that Brie Bella is getting less sex than Nikki or her mother.

Nikki Bella’s Injury

As Total Divas ended their fifth season, Nikki Bella was forced to deal with the fact that she may never wrestle again because of her upcoming neck surgery. The show picks up post-surgery as Nikki Bella is unable to drive herself around or pick up something as small as her dog. With John Cena busy rehabbing his shoulder, the rest of Nikki’s family have agreed to help out as much as they can. In fact, Brie and Daniel have agreed to move into John’s guest house. As fans of WWE are well aware, Nikki Bella returned earlier than expected to fill in for the suspended Eva Marie in a tag team match at WWE SummerSlam 2016.

John Cena’s House Rules

For fans that watched Total Divas, it comes as no surprise that John Cena has strict rules for his house guests. When he first asked Nikki Bella to move in with him, she was required to sign a contract stating she would move all of her things out within 72 hours if they broke up. But as the Bellas and their loved ones all sat down for their first formal dinner, Cena laid down the law. His list of rules included many demands.

  • The family has a formal dinner once every week.
  • After formal dinner, the ladies will retreat to the drawing room and the gentlemen retreat to the cigar room.
  • Although shoes are generally to be taken off before you enter the home, dress shoes are encouraged for a formal dinner.
  • Respect the house as if it were your own. That means clean up after yourself, do your laundry, and make your bed.
  • Every morning, the family will have coffee together, and in the evening, there will be a fire outside.
  • Trash is picked up every Monday.
  • If anyone is arriving home late, they are to call or text John to let him know. “This is a shoot-first state, and I have a lot of guns.”
  • Brie and Daniel’s dog Josie must stay outside or in the guest house.

While John agreed later in the show to ease up a little, the issues with Josie only escalated after she bit John on the leg.

Daniel Bryan’s Retirement

In the most tear-jerking scene of the Total Bellas premiere, Daniel Bryan talked about his retirement from WWE and his struggle to move on. As the men had their first experience together in Cena’s luxurious cigar room, John asked Daniel about his future plans. He noted that Daniel had previously been a teacher and asked if he had considered doing something like that in the world of professional wrestling.

“The part I hate about wrestling is the part where you don’t wrestle.”

In a monologue with the cameras, he went on to say that losing something like a career that you love isn’t all that different from losing a person that you love. For Daniel, he is still dealing with the empty feeling of being unable to further pursue his life’s passion.


Brie Bella’s Sex Life

The world now knows that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are expecting their first child. But based on some of the things Brie was saying in the Total Bellas premiere, her husband wasn’t exactly making it easy for the married couple to conceive. At a happy hour meet-up with Nikki, John, her brother and her mother, Brie Bella blurted out her frustrations.

“I wish I was pregnant, but you have to have sex to get pregnant… I haven’t had sex in a month… My husband doesn’t know what a quickie is.”

Brie goes on to explain that her husband prefers to make out and work his way into a love-making session. She did admit, however, that when she’s in a hurry and needs some attention, Daniel will take a strictly “hands-on” approach to keep his wife satisfied.

The Bellas’ Mother And Brother

Although they didn’t play a major role in the first episode, joining “the Bellas and their fellas” are Brie and Nikki’s mother, Kathy Colace. She is joined by her fiance, John Laurinaitis, who performed as a wrestler under the name Johnny Ace and was the voice of “People Power” as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw in 2011 and 2012. As they explain when they are introduced in the show, it was thanks to the twins’ careers at WWE that Kathy and John first met. And as Brie was complaining about her lack of a sex life, she found out that even her mother was more active in the bedroom than her married daughter.

Their brother JJ will also be a part of the show, but his biggest contribution to the premiere was helping Brie and Daniel ease into their new, strict life at the House of Cena. He also helped Brie and Daniel as they began to set up a fence for a dog run in the backyard, which upset both Nikki and John.

Where to Watch

The first season of Total Bellas airs weekly on E! every Wednesday evening at 8/7c. Nikki and Brie will also be featured on the sixth season of Total Divas, which premieres on November 16. The new season will feature the returns of Eva Marie, Naomi, Paige, and Natalya. Joining Total Divas for the new season will be current WWE Superstars Lana, Maryse, and Renee Young.

The new episode of Total Bellas is available to stream on-demand via Hulu. The first five seasons of Total Divas can be streamed on-demand via Hulu or the WWE Network.

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