WWE News: ‘Total Divas’ Recap: Nikki Bella Says ‘I Am Basically A Wife’

After a few days in the most romantic city in the world, Nikki Bella let her true feelings spill about her relationship with John Cena on this week’s episode of Total Divas, Part 1 of a two-part season finale. Along with Brie and Eva Marie, the WWE Divas were making macaroons with a French chef.

“I feel like this helps you start to learn how it is to be a housewife,” Nikki said about their time in the kitchen. “I feel like I need to learn to cook dinners for John and all that type of stuff.” Brie commented that Nikki looked like a housewife.

“Uh, yeah, I am basically a wife.”

When the chef asked about her wedding date, Nikki had to admit that she wasn’t even engaged.

“Hopefully one day,” Nikki said.

For the season finale, all of the WWE Divas from the E! reality show were in Paris together. They divided into two houses before exploring the food and fashion of France. Some old drama was finally squashed, while some new tension was built between Eva Marie and Mandy.

The following contains the full spoilers for Total Divas, Season 5, Episode 13, “C’est La Divas (Part 1)” that E! originally aired on Tuesday, April 12, at 9/8c.

Chill House vs. Party House

When all of the Total Divas arrive in Paris — Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Paige, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie, Natalya, and Mandy — they find they are staying in what amounts to a duplex. They decide to divide up based on how rowdy of a vacation they want. Injured Nikki and married Brie want to remain pretty chill, as do never-wild Natalya and uber-pregnant Rosa. Paige, Foxy, Eva Marie, and Mandy end up in the let’s-have-fun-in-Paris house.

After everyone settles in, most of them go to see the Eiffel Tower. Because Foxy is upset with Rosa, she stays home. The Bella Twins have decided not to do much sightseeing since they will be back in a few weeks with their grandma.

A Proposal at the Eiffel Tower

Paige lets the Divas know that there’s a surprise waiting for them at the Eiffel Tower. When Rosa sees rose petals on the ground, she jokingly says that they must be for her. Little did she know, they truly were for her.

Paige has helped Rosa’s boyfriend Bobby come to Paris so that he could propose to his baby-mama. Of course, Rosa says yes.

Drama resolved… and drama builds

Throughout the course of the show, Alicia Fox manages to cool the drama she had with Eva Marie when they first met. She also talked to Rosa one-on-one and made up with her long-time friend. Foxy ended the show no longer having any drama with any of the fellow Divas.

However, after Eva Marie and Mandy agreed to have each other’s backs as the newbies, Mandy felt betrayed when Eva Marie seemed to be intentionally not inviting her to outings with the Bella Twins. Crying and hugging it out with some of the other Divas, it was clear that the drama would carry over to Part 2 of the season finale next Tuesday. Also on next week’s show, Nikki Bella’s injury may be career-ending, and she has trouble coming to grips with that possibility.

Where To Watch

E! airs Total Divas every Tuesday at 9/8c. Highlights of this episode — “C’est La Divas (Part 1)” — can be seen on E! Online‘s official Total Divas page. Full episodes of Total Divas can be streamed on-demand the following day with a Hulu Plus subscription. Seasons 1-4 of Total Divas are available to stream on-demand through the WWE Network.

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