WWE News: Roman Reigns Influenced The Usos Heel Turn

For years, The Usos were one of the most popular tag teams in the WWE. They were the ultimate baby faces and are part of the legacy of the Samoan dynasty that includes names like Roman Reigns, The Rock, and The Usos own father, Rikishi. However, the act grew stale and fans were not responding like they used to when The Usos came to the ring. As a result, the WWE turned The Usos heel and they seem fresh again for the first time in years.

In a recent sit-down interview with Michael Cole, The Usos said that they credit their cousin Roman Reigns with their new heel turn. It was an interesting thought, but it makes sense when they explain it. The reason was all because of how the fans treat Roman Reigns, and how the fans treated them because they were related to him.

Jimmy Uso said that the fans booed Roman Reigns every night even though he was trying to do the right thing. He then said that the fans then booed them when they tried to help their cousin. As a result, Jimmy said that it really showed him that the fans didn’t mean that much to him.

When it comes to helping Roman Reigns and their family, it is more important than caring about the fans booing them. It also helped The Usos make their decision to not care what the fans thought in their recent heel turn against American Alpha. Jimmy even said that their father Rikishi, who spent most his career as a babyface, might not agree with their actions but supports them anyway.

This is an interesting development as the WWE works to add more realism to their story lines in these interviews. For the last two years, the WWE has chosen to ignore the fans who boo Roman Reigns as they push him as their next big face. Instead, they just claim that there are polarizing views and pretty much blew off the haters.

With The Usos openly talking about fans booing Roman Reigns, it seems the WWE is finally admitting that there is a large section of fans who don’t like the big Samoan. With The Usos claiming that their heel turn was because of fans booing them and Roman Reigns, it also opens up the door for a possible Roman Reigns heel turn down the line.

While Roman Reigns is similar to John Cena when it comes to having fans that are mostly female and young children, Reigns is not at the level of Cena when it comes to respect yet. A John Cena heel turn would not work because there are too many outside things that would be damaged if it happened.

A Roman Reigns heel turn could be just like The Usos heel turn and make his character fresh and interesting for the first time in years. However, a lot would have to change for the WWE to make that move. For now, they seem willing to try to rebuild Roman Reigns as a baby face with the second tier United States Championship.


The big problem with this is that, while The Usos seem revitalized with their heel turn, Roman Reigns as the United States Champion is just like Roman Reigns as a world title contender. The WWE even announced this week that Reigns will defend his title in the Hell in a Cell structure, making it seem almost more important than the WWE Universal Championship.

[Featured Image via WWE]