Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Wedding Confirmed Before Christmas For Suri Cruise?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are planning to get married by the end of this year, as Tom Cruise’s ex-wife wants Suri to have a family around Christmas.

There were earlier reports that suggested that Holmes was pregnant with Jamie’s child. The news of her getting pregnant surfaced online around February, and according to a report from Hollywood Life, the couple was thrilled by the news. A source close to the couple stated that Holmes is in love with Jamie and after divorcing Tom, she has finally found the one with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

“They’re both such great parents, and they’ve been talking about starting a family together for awhile now. They added that fans should expect an announcement from the couple within in next couple months. They’re slowly coming around to the idea of allowing their relationship to be known but they want to keep it private for as long as they can. They’re so in love, and keeping it all quiet makes Katie that much more crazy about Jamie. She feels like she’s hit gold with her new husband.”

Gossip Cop later debunked these rumors.

A report from Movie News Guide suggested that the alleged couple has now received approval from Holmes’ ex-husband and now they are planning a November wedding.

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So, if that claim was true then Suri Cruise would have a father figure around the time of Christmas. But apparently, there has been no confirmation of these reports. So, it is safe to say that this is yet another rumor in their unofficial relationship.

It must be very hectic for all the stars when they have to deal with such rumors about their personal lives. Ever since Katie and Tom have parted their ways, she has been linked with few celebrities like Matthew Perry, Joshua Jackson, and Jamie. In one of her earlier interviews, she revealed how she deals with all such nonsense.

During her interview with DuJour, Holmes was asked how she manages to discuss her professional life when all her fans and media wants to know about her personal life. In response, the actress simply dismissed the subject and stated that she likes to do the things that make her happy.

“There’s definitely an awareness of the fact that people have camera phones, and that your privacy is sometimes invaded, but that’s something that I think everyone has had to adjust to,” she further added. “Even early on, when I was a young actor and all of a sudden people knew who I was, my dad told me, ‘Don’t let that change how you live your life.’ I’ve always sort of approached it that way. You have to continue to do the things you want to do and not let outside forces dictate.”

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Even Jamie has followed Katie’s example when it comes to revealing issues about his personal life. During his interview with Page Six, the Sleepless movie actor explained how he is just friends with Tom’s ex-wife and how all the dating rumors are 100 percent incorrect.

“In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people,” he further added.

After all these rumors, there is no confirmation about their ongoing romance. However, Foxx’s close friend and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Claudia Jordan, accidentally revealed her friend’s love affair with Suri’s mother.

However, she later changed her statement and noted that she apparently has no idea about the actor’s personal life.

That being said, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never officially come out as a couple in front of media. All the above-stated rumors about their November wedding and Suri wishing to have a family are nothing but mere speculations and have never been confirmed by their representatives.

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