Bon Jovi Announces New Tour: ‘Out Of Great Pains Comes Great Songs’

Jon Bon Jovi is hitting the road with his band on a tour to promote their latest album, This House is Not for Sale, but, as Jon recently told Ellen DeGeneres, this tour won’t be quite as ambitious as past tours. Members of Bon Jovi unanimously agree that there’s no need to pull out all of the stops with every tour now, and frankly, as Jon and his Bon Jovi band mates get older, the desire to perform with as much ferocity as they did in their 20s and 30s no longer exists.

Jon Bon Jovi On Three Hard-Lived Years

Leading up to the release of This House is Not for Sale and the subsequent tour, Extra reveals that Jon Bon Jovi has struggled with his life like never before, attempting to achieve balance amid his professional, philanthropic, and personal lives. For Bon Jovi fans curious to know what Jon means by this, the rock artist says the answer can be found in his songs, even spelling out that the life he has lived over the past three years is plainly revealed in “This House is Not for Sale” song lyrics.

Mr. Bon Jovi also reveals to his long-time fans that This House is Not for Sale is filled with the kinds of rock anthems and power ballads for which Bon Jovi has always been known.

“There’s a lot of them…This House Is Not for Sale is as much of a statement as we’ve made before, this heart, this soul, this house is not for sale, it’s about my integrity.”

While Jon has been busy writing and recording music for This House is Not for Sale, he reveals that he’s also taken time to support Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House. Bon Jovi played at a Democratic fundraiser in the Hamptons, and while many supporters may have been delighted to see Jon and his band perform, the Bon Jovi band founder admits he was just as pleased to see a few other attendees.

“That was especially fun because Jimmy Buffet is a dear friend of mine, it was at Jimmy’s house,” says Jon. “Paul McCartney, you know Paul, no matter who he is around you become a giddy kid because he’s one of the Beatles… Any time I get to spend time with him is a treat.”

Jon Bon Jovi Shares Details For The This House Is Not For Sale Tour

Billboard shared the announcement that Jon Bon Jovi is taking his band on a tour to promote This House is Not for Sale, which will kick off on February 8 in South Carolina. This planned tour will be in addition to the short tour Bon Jovi is currently running, also in an effort to promote that new album. The Tidal X: Bon Jovi tour still has dates planned for the London Palladium on October 10, Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre on October 17, before debuting on Broadway at New York City’s Barrymore Theatre on October 20.

The This House is Not for Sale tour will be Bon Jovi’s first extended tour since 2013, when Jon took his band on the road to promote Because We Can. That tour broke records and became the third consecutive tour in six years to become the No. 1 top-grossing tour in the world. Previously, The Rolling Stones had been the only musical act to lay claim to that achievement.

There might not have been a This House is Not for Sale tour because, as Bon Jovi explains, he wasn’t sure he wanted to pause his own life to bring his new music to fans in a live setting. It was a crossroads for the Bon Jovi frontman, but a concert at The Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank made up his mind to head out for another tour.

“I looked around and I saw the guys happier than they have ever been, and I was happy and the audience was into it,” says Jon.

Pre-sale tickets for the This House is Not for Sale tour will be available beginning on October 10, and the Bon Jovi website has revealed that everyone purchasing a ticket will receive a free physical copy of This House is Not for Sale.

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