October 5, 2016
Is Bravo Adding A New Redhead On 'Southern Charm' To Replace Kathryn Dennis?

Southern Charm Season 4 is filming, and the standout of Seasons 1 through 3, Kathryn Dennis has announced on Twitter that she won't be returning. But word has it that Bravo has been courting another redhead they think might be added to the show in place of Kathryn Dennis. Most fans were eager for Kathryn to return, but now that she has said goodbye, will Southern Charm survive without her?

The Inquisitr reported that Kathryn Dennis was not shooting the new season of Southern Charm, and that led to an outpouring of messages to Bravo, stating that if Kathryn wasn't part of the new Southern Charm season, they wouldn't watch. Then came the news that Eliza Limehouse, a 19-year-old polo enthusiast, had signed on for Season 4 of the Bravo show, which made fans wonder if Bravo was pushing Kathryn Dennis out and adding in new cast members. Andy Cohen of Bravo was asked what he could do, and he said that casting was up to the Southern Charm executive producer, which is still Whitney Sudler-Smith, leading to the Twitter hashtag #BlameWhitney.

But soon after Kathryn Dennis posted a goodbye and thank you message on Twitter, she deleted it, leading Reality Tea to wonder if there is a small chance that Kathryn might return to Southern Charm for Season 4. But Thomas Ravenel tweeted a picture of redhead Molly Rhyne who is said to be the new ginger on Southern Charm.


Is Bravo Trying To Replace Kathryn Dennis On 'Southern Charm?'

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Kathryn Dennis first posted a tweet saying that she had hoped to show viewers of Southern Charm that new Kathryn on Season 4, but Bravo had other plans. She also wanted to say thank you.

"THANK YOU to all my fans who've supported me through the last 3 seasons. You guys rock. This was the best decision for my children and myself. No hard feelings and good luck to #SouthernCharm!."

FitsNews is reporting that Kathryn Dennis quit Southern Charm, but it was Bravo that did not renew her contract, making it appear that the ball is firmly in their court. Fans on Twitter are putting the blame on Whitney Sudler-Smith, as Bravo's Andy Cohen said he makes the casting decisions.

"In Andy's FB Live video he said he's not an Executive Producer on #SouthernCharm and has no jurisdiction in casting. #BlameWhitney"

And many fans predicted that with Season 4, Southern Charm will have a slow death, minus Kathryn.

"@LoveAndyC yes! #BlameWhitney when the show tanks! they will be back doing their reunion in the clubhouse this year. wont b a season 5!"

Kathryn Dennis says that she holds no grudge and wishes the cast the best for Season 4.

"It's time for me to focus on my kids and myself. This was the best decision for us! No hard feelings. Good luck y'all!"

The exit of Dennis perhaps explains why Bravo has been "auditioning" Eliza Limehouse and Molly Rhyne for an injection of new, younger blood for Season 4 of Southern Charm.

Ironically, back for sure is Thomas Ravenel, with whom Kathryn Dennis shares two children. As recently as this past June, Thomas Ravenel had posted on Twitter that he was quitting Southern Charm, and that Bravo pays poorly and had ruined his life, yet fans were made aware that Southern Charm was shooting its fourth season when Ravenel left a voicemail for a Charleston personal trainer, saying he wanted to start a workout program to lose his beer gut.

Do you think that Southern Charm Season 4 will flop without Kathryn Dennis?

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