Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad Hilariously Destroys Mike Pence’s Poor Attempts At Defending Donald Trump Less Than 12 Hours After The Vice Presidential Debate

Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, might have won over many Americans with his calm demeanor during his debate with Hillary Clinton’s second-in-command, Tim Kaine. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign quickly picked up several snippets from the vice presidential debate to create an ad campaign that reinforced all the damaging quotes from Donald Trump which Pence simply denied.

The vice presidential debate turned out be nothing more than a mud-slinging competition, during which Tim Kaine and Mike Pence spent most of the time attacking each other’s running mate rather than discussing their own qualifications. Both the running mates kept on insisting that the other’s candidate had been more insulting during the entire presidential campaign, reported the Washington Post. Either side kept on harping that the other’s campaign primarily relied on flinging insults, perhaps hoping to draw out some nasty and potentially damaging comments or actions.

At one point, Pence even pointed an accusation straight across to his opponent by saying, “I was listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of Senator Kaine a minute ago.” As a retort, Governor Kaine said, “These were Donald’s — hold on a second, governor.”


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Surprisingly, Pence displayed a very calm and composed exterior, which, needless to point out, is in stark contrast to the presidential candidate he is supporting. However, in multiple instances, Pence was left with a very limited number of responses to the accusations leveled by Kaine. On quite a few occasions, Pence was seen merely shaking his head sideways, indicating his denial, or simply saying the accusations weren’t true.

Unfortunately for Pence, the upcoming presidential election, which is less than a month away, is one of the most widely recorded ones. Every word, action, and gesture by all the concerned parties is recorded in the minutest detail. Moreover, every tweet and every Facebook post is carefully searched for and collated. Ms. Clinton’s campaign merely hand-picked several snippets from Donald Trump’s, as well as a few from Mike Pence’s, speeches and interviews to prove the hypocrisy.


It is quite clear that while Trump and his campaign rely on striking several political blows with the hopes of landing some critical punches by chance, the Clinton camp had come extremely well-prepared, and each statement was carefully calculated, reported The Ring of Fire Network. Less than 12 hours after the debate, an ad surfaced on social media that carefully picks out all the denials from Mike Pence and proves just how wrong, false, or ill-informed he was. It is quite likely he was merely trying to bluff his way through the debate, just like Donald Trump is routinely accused of doing in many of his public appearances.


Kaine categorically pointed out a number of Donald Trump’s most outrageous statements and policy proposals. Surprisingly, instead of handling the onslaught with poise befitting a vice presidential candidate, Pence merely shook his head and sometimes added that neither Trump nor he had ever said or proposed such a thing.


The ad essentially pits Pence’s blatant denials from Tuesday night against video and audio of Trump actually saying and doing the things that Pence flatly denied. Some of the most notable gaffes include the Republicans praising Russian president Vladimir Putin, Trump’s suggestion that women who get abortions should be “punished,” Trump’s views on nuclear weapons, Russia annexation of Crimea, and the Republican’s proposal about a “deportation force.”

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