Lydia McLaughlin’s Husband Launches New Magazine: Could Lydia Return To ‘RHOC’?

Lydia McLaughlin decided to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County behind a few years ago because she wanted to focus on her family and her business ventures. When Lydia was on the show, she revealed that her family was just very wealthy, and she was lucky enough to not have to work full-time. This allows McLaughlin and her husband to make some wise financial decisions, especially when it comes to launching their own businesses. Since leaving the show, Lydia had a third son, baby Roman, and she has been working on some new business ventures.

According to a new Instagram post, Lydia McLaughlin is now revealing that she’s super proud of her husband, Doug McLaughlin, who recently launched yet another magazine. While Lydia and her husband were filming The Real Housewives of Orange County, they were working on a publication called Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. Now, Doug has launched another magazine, and this one targets male readers.

“Today is the day! Couldn’t be more proud of my sweet husband Doug and following his dreams. We are so proud of him and it’s a blessing to see all his hard work come to a reality with this magazine, Noble Magazine,” Lydia McLaughlin revealed on Instagram, sharing her excitement about her husband’s new business project.

And it sounds like McLaughlin and her husband had a launch party last night, where some of her former co-stars were invited. When she announced the magazine, both Peggy Tanous and Lizzie Rovsek reached out to her, sharing that they were excited to see her last night and were happy for this new business venture.

“So excited for you guys! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night!” Peggy Tanous revealed on Twitter, sharing that she would be joining them for the launch party, and she wasn’t the only one.


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“It will be so fun to catch up tomorrow and celebrate,” Lydia replied to Peggy, to which Lizzie Rovsek joined the conversation with, “looking forward to seeing you girls tonight! Congrats on the magazine! Looks divine!”

The couple didn’t really share too many pictures from the launch party, but it sounds like things went great. This morning, pictures started surfacing online from the launch party, which had been a huge success for Doug. Lydia McLaughlin announced that she wanted to work on her business ventures when she left The Real Housewives of Orange County, and it sounds like she may play a role in this magazine. She worked with him on Beverly Hills Lifestyle, as she interviewed Heather Dubrow at her home for a possible cover.

And it sounds like Doug is bringing all of his experience into this new magazine because he says that the launch party for Nobleman Magazine went great.

“NOBLEMAN Magazine launch party was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who made it an amazing night,” Lydia McLaughlin’s husband, Doug McLaughlin, revealed on his own Instagram, sharing that he’s thrilled with the way things turned out.

This new magazine could be a reason for Lydia McLaughlin to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County. McLaughlin has revealed that she would never say never and she quit the show before to have another baby. Now that she has three sons and a new business venture with her husband, the timing could be right. One just has to wonder if Lydia could handle the drama that’s been unfolding on the show, as it seems to be a lot worse than it has previously been.

What do you think of Lydia McLaughlin’s comments about her husband’s new business venture? Do you think she will be working on the magazine with him?

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