Teen Boy Dubbed ‘Most Hated Person In School’ By Bullies Jumps In Front Of Moving Train

Seventeen-year-old Felix Alexander, who was dubbed the “most hated person in school” by bullies, ended his life by jumping in front of a moving train, according to the Mirror.

In April of this year, Felix told his parents, Lucy, 51, and Ratan Alexander, 55, that he was going to catch the bus to school, but they knew something was wrong when he never made it to class.

It was later uncovered that instead of riding the bus to school, Feliz went to the train tracks in Abbotswood Junction, Norton, near his home in Worcester and jumped in front of a moving train. Felix was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators concluded that the teen committed suicide after suffering years of bullying at school and online.

His mother stated that the bullying began in 2009 at a playground when other children began taunting him for not being allowed to play the violent video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The name-calling at the playground quickly moved to his school, where other students would exclude him from activities and eventually dubbing him the “most hated person in school.”

Lucy, who is a nurse, stated that Feliz was subsequently removed from the school and transferred to Pershore High School last September, but the bullying continued – even on social media.

“One of the websites the teen was targeted at was Ask.fm,” which in recent years has been linked to several teen suicides.

The years of abuse put the teen in a dark place, according to his parents. They added that Felix was getting bullied by teens online who had never met her son. Lucy described as a “wonderful son.”

Lucy, who described Felix as a “wonderful son,” said that bullying became too much for her son to handle.

After Alexander took his own life, the grieving mother of three wrote a “heartbreaking open letter to the bullies who drove her teenage son to suicide,” which stated as follows.

“His confidence and self-esteem had been eroded over a long period of time by the bullying behavior he experienced in secondary education.

“It began with unkindness and social isolation and over the years, with the advent of social media, it became cruel and overwhelming.”

“People who had never even met Felix were abusing him,” the letter continued. “He was however so badly damaged by the abuse, isolation and unkindness he had experienced, that he was unable to see just how many people truly cared for him.”

“Teachers need to be aware of the dangers of bullying and I want more help to be available. I’m working with my son’s high school to raise awareness there, in the hope that teachers can receive further training.

“He had been targeted for many, many years. It was generalized cruelty. He was known as the most hated person in the year at school. It started with social isolation when he was around ten. He didn’t get invited to parties and wasn’t included in weekend activities.

“Then the online abuse started when he was 14. It was initially via the website Ask.fm and then it escalated with basically every social media platform you could imagine.”

Lucy hopes that her letter will “educate school officials and open the eyes of those who bully to the anguish they can cause,” according to the Worcester News.

Felix parents want to bring awareness to the consequences of bullying in hopes of preventing young lives from being lost. They are now raising money for the Place2Be Charity, “which offers mental health counseling to young people.”

Jennie Meadows, who is the charity’s director of communications, stated, “We are inspired by Lucy’s commitment to bringing about positive change from such a tragic and heart-breaking situation.”

“The support that we have received as an organization in memory of Felix is both overwhelming and unprecedented.”

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