WWE News: Crazy Details Emerge From Alberto Del Rio Stabbing That Led To Him Missing AAA Event

It’s been an unfortunately crazy week in regards to the safety of some former WWE superstars. Both Alberto Del Rio and Jamie Noble were stabbed in separate attacks over the last several days, but fortunately, both seem to be on the mend and on the road to full recoveries. Both Del Rio and Noble’s incidents stemmed from some degree of road rage, as Jamie was actually attacked in his front yard after another car claimed he pushed them off the road.

Noble suffered a collapsed lung as a result of the attack, as he had to fend off three other men to survive the ambush. Jamie went into surgery immediately because his lung was filling up with blood, but he noted that he’s on his way back to 100%. As noted, Del Rio suffered a similar ordeal, but the cases were not related of course.

Alberto Del Rio, wrestling on the independent scene under the name Alberto El Patron which he used in Lucha Underground, missed this past Saturday night’s AAA event, Heroes Immortales X in Mexico City. Because there was no communication between Del Rio and the promotion, AAA criticized him for being unprofessional and claimed he had failed the people of Mexico, obviously not knowing what he had been through earlier that day.


According to a post from Daily Wrestling News, Del Rio was unable to communicate with AAA because he lost his phone in the attack. New details have since emerged from the incident, highlighting Del Rio’s good fortune, having come out of the attack with his health in tact for the most part. But things could have been much worse for the Mexican Aristocrat.

Apparently, Del Rio’s car was hit by another car as Alberto was heading to the airport in San Antonio to board a flight for the AAA show. Both Del Rio and the other driver got out their cars and exchanged words after the collision. The other driver apparently wielded a knife at which point, Del Rio turned around and tried to walk to get back into his car and drive away. However, the man attacked Del Rio from behind with the knife and attempted to slash him.

When Alberto turned around to face his attacker, the man went for his face. Del Rio was able to avoid getting slashed in the face, but did catch a swipe to the side of his head. Once Del Rio got his bearings about him, he was able to bring his opponent to the ground. The man continued slashing and stabbing at Del Rio’s arm, as you can see the results in Del Rio’s Instagram post below. Eventually, Alberto was able to wrangle the knife away from the man, at which point, the man escaped and sped away in his vehicle.

We have yet to hear if the “criminal” (as Del Rio called him) has been arrested, but there were witnesses, and the bystanders did take down the man’s license plate number which should lead to some useful information.

According to the report, Del Rio was still pushing to get on a plane to make the AAA event, but was encouraged to get treatment at the hospital as he had lost a lot of blood. After quite a few stitches, Alberto appears to be just fine, and after sorting everything out with AAA, their relationship is back in good standing. No word yet on when he’ll be able to wrestle again, but will likely hold off until the wounds are completely closed.

Some people have cited the irony in the incident occurring in San Antonio, shortly after the WWE’s announcement that the Royal Rumble would be returning there for the first time in 20 years next January, but of course, that is just a huge coincidence. Luckily, Alberto Del Rio is recovering and should be on his way to a full bill of health.

[Featured Image by WWE]