Vicki Gunvalson Called ‘Bully’ By Former BFF Tamra Judge: What Happened To The ‘RHOC’ Friendship?

Vicki Gunvalson is the OG of the OC, and she wears the title proud. She has been a part of The Real Housewives of Orange County since the beginning and remains a staple on the cast. Despite all of the controversy that has followed her since last season, Gunvalson has held her head high and moved forward with her life. The shows that are currently airing are roughly six-months old, so the comments coming across social media are regarding things that happened a while ago. It appeared that things between Gunvalson and Tamra Judge had been mended, especially after their near-death experience at the dunes.

After Monday’s episode aired, the Bravo blogs told a different story of friendship than what was being aired on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki Gunvalson was hurt by the fact that Shannon Beador didn’t visit her in the hospital after the dune buggy incident despite being only a few minutes away. When Beador offered a phone call and left a voicemail with her apologies, Gunvalson was not about to respond to it. This left things incredibly awkward at Meghan Edmonds’ candle party. In fact, things got heated between the former friends, and Edmonds’ husband, Jim, asked them to move things outside.

At that point, Vicki Gunvalson let it slip that she had some things on Shannon Beador that would prove she was a liar. This didn’t go over well with the ladies, causing more tension than before. According to All About the Tea, Vicki Gunvalson was called a bully by Tamra Judge in her latest blog post. She went on to explain that Gunvalson claims she has dirt on people when things get tough for her. It is the same strategy she uses over and over again, and Judge is tired of seeing it. The fact that she spoke out against her friend has Real Housewives of Orange County fans wondering whether or not they are still friends. Did something happen between the two that caused a falling out over the last six months, or is this just Tamra being real about the kind of person Vicki actually is?

Throughout the last episode, Vicki Gunvalson seemed to be at peace with the friendships. She was still close to Tamra Judge, and her new friendship with Kelly Dodd was blossoming. Heather Dubrow seemed to tolerate Gunvalson but kept her distance as to not be involved in another chaotic event like Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal. The Real Housewives of Orange County is going to get even more intense next week when all of the ladies head off to Ireland. It looks like it is going to be an interesting time and that Gunvalson may experience some serious backlash from the ladies. Could this be where Vicki and Tamra fall apart?

It will be a long time before Vicki Gunvalson is no longer haunted by Brooks Ayers and his cancer scandal. She has met someone new and introduced him to the girls at Heather Dubrow’s book party back in April. It appears that she is still dating him from new pictures that have surfaced on social media. Gunvalson has worked hard to remain in the public eye despite how she was perceived last season for standing by her man.

It has been almost a year since the scandal broke and was proven to be false, and Vicki has rebounded well from it. She is still the head of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and that is saying something. The reunion is coming up, and seeing her with Tamra Judge and talking about their friendship may clear things up about where Vicki Gunvalson and her best friend stand at this point in time.

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