New MacBook Air: What’s Next For Apple’s 13 Inch Laptop? 2017 Model Release Date, Specs And More

Apple’s MacBook line-up is pretty crowded right now. The company is currently running a standard MacBook, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro. each of which is available with varying body sizes and internal specifications. With that in mind, alongside the announcement of a new MacBook Pro model, Apple was expected to announce later this year that they’ll be dropping the MacBook Air line in favor of the standard MacBook. However, there’s now speculation that might not happen.

Could we see a 2017 model MacBook Air? With Apple’s most recent update to their light weight laptop being pretty underwhelming, could a 2017 model bring the laptop up to date with Apple’s other hardware? In this article, we’ll round up everything we know so far about the new MacBook Air.

Will Apple discontinue the MacBook Air?

As mentioned in the opening section of this article, there’s been a good deal of speculation lately that Apple plans to discontinue the MacBook Air. That’s no surprise considering their recently released standard MacBook model has all but made the Air redundant. That being said, according to MacWorld, Apple might not be ditching the MacBook Air completely just yet. The site claims that Apple will begin by killing off the 11-inch version of the Air, whilst still releasing an updated 13-inch variant for 2017.


In general, Apple appears keen to drop the Air branding used by some of their laptops and tablets altogether. Analysts have pointed towards Apple putting a greater emphasis on their iPad Pro line-up, which is now available as a 9.7-inch version. In doing so, the company has effectively squeezed their iPad Air out of the market. Dropping their Air branded products would allow Apple to focus on the iPad Pro’s different size variants and the newer now standard model MacBook.

When will the final MacBook Air be released?

If Apple is to release a final version of their MacBook Air, it likely won’t come this year. Whilst an event in October 2016 is expected to see Apple showing off a new version of their MacBook Pro, it’s worth remembering that an updated version of the MacBook Air, albeit a minor update, was released earlier this year. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that Apple won’t release another version of the MacBook Air this year, leaving their March 2017 event as the next possible opportunity to do so.


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What new features and specs will the 2017 MacBook Air have?

According to 9to5Mac, if Apple plans for their 2017 MacBook Air to be the last in the range, they’ll want to prepare it for integration with the standard MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges, which Apple plans to continue beyond the Air. With that in mind, those looking to pick up a 2017 variant of the MacBook Air should expect a laptop that’s largely similar in nature to Apple’s standard MacBook, taking advantage of a thinner form factor and keyboard, alongside USB-C technology for connectivity.


However, there’s still one big feature that MacBook Air fans are hoping Apple includes with their newest laptop. Unlike Apple’s other MacBook models, the Air is yet to take advantage of Apple’s retina display technology, but that could all be about to change with the release of the 2017 MacBook Pro. In general, there isn’t all that much new and exciting to expect with the 2017 MacBook Air, however, consumers should expect a laptop that’s largely on par with Apple’s other offerings as it enters the end of its lifespan.

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