Teresa Giudice Outraged That Jacqueline Called Her A Criminal—‘RHONJ’ Star In Denial About Her Legal Issues?

Teresa Giudice may have spent almost a year in prison, but she doesn’t consider herself a felon, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports. In fact, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star won’t even say the word out loud; instead, she refers to it as the “c-word” (for criminal). The RHONJ fans are concerned for Teresa because it seems apparent that she hasn’t come to terms (or dealt) with her past legal issues.


In an interview with Andy Cohen on his talk show, What What Happens Live, Giudice made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want to talk about her time in prison. She explained that it has been difficult for her to move on with her life, especially considering her husband, Joe is currently serving his 41-month-sentence.

“I don’t consider myself that. I don’t even want to say that word.”

In 2014, Teresa and Joe were charged with 39 counts of fraud. She wants nothing more than to move on and never to speak of her “legal problems” because in her words, “It is old news.”

Giudice has tried to build a life for herself and her children, as she settled into life as a single mother now that her husband, Joe is behind bars for 41 months. It is her hope that the public will not only forgive her for crimes, but wants them to forget it, and never bring it up. The chance of that happening is pretty slim, though.


Teresa is the one who flipped a table and called her female co-star a “c-word” on RHONJ. She also continued to spend loads of cash, all while she was under investigation for fraud. Teresa has never shown any remorse for her crimes, in fact, she has never owned up to the fact that they stole any money.

Giudice claims that her “handlers” presented her documents and she blindly signed them. She stated that she didn’t know what she was doing, and it was all her “handlers fault.” It seems highly unlikely that neither she or Joe had any knowledge about the fraud they committed. Her fans and critic all agree that even if she is telling the truth, and she was innocent of the crimes, she still holds, at least, part of the blame for the financial fraud. She had to know they had possession of money that didn’t lawfully belong to them.

All About the Tea reports that Teresa Giudice still maintains that she isn’t a criminal and shouldn’t be called one. Teresa and Joe Giudice broke the law. They were convicted in a court of law. They both were ordered to serve time in a state prison. By definition, they are both felons—which means she is a criminal. Teresa might not be ready to admit it to herself or even say it out loud just yet, but it doesn’t make it untrue.

Teresa has a long history of not being able to own up to her own mistakes. If she does something good, she wants the praise. However, when she breaks the law or flips a table, she doesn’t want it ever mentioned or brought up.

The thing is, in 2016, the Internet never sleeps. There is always a publication that cannot wait to document her every tweet, blurb, or social media rant—so it is in her best interest to admit she is a criminal, embrace it, and move on.

As for Joe, Teresa explained that he never watched RHONJ when at home, but now in prison, he has turned into her biggest fan—-he never misses an episode. She revealed that he’s doing as well as can be expected, and has dropped over 30 pounds.


RHONJ fans, do you think Teresa Giudice should admit that she’s a criminal and learn from it?

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