Amber Portwood Joins The Ranks Of ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Amber Portwood has changed drastically since she was introduced to the world on 16 & Pregnant. From her appearance to her attitude, it is almost like she isn’t the same person. The last seven years have been hard on her, but she has pulled through because she is a fighter. Portwood’s journey on Teen Mom OG hasn’t been easy to watch but seeing her overcome addiction and strive to be better for her daughter has resonated with many viewers. Despite critics mocking her every move, she is focused on moving forward and improving herself one day at a time.

Since getting out of prison, Amber Portwood has tried to get herself in better shape. She has lost several pounds and lightened her hair, prompting questions from fans about why she looks so different. At the end of September, she had announced she was going to have a “mommy makeover.” According to Starcasm, Amber Portwood has gone under the knife. It appears that she decided to go ahead with the plastic surgery but has not posted any photos. Since the announcement was just days ago, it is being speculated that the procedures were done either last week or over the weekend.

A “mommy makeover” is generally done when women are finished having children and want to get their body back to what it once was. Amber Portwood has been answering questions from fans via social media in order to clear things up. Usually, the makeover consists of several different procedures which include but aren’t limited to breast implants, breast lifts, tummy tuck, liposuction, and butt injections or implants. Portwood has confirmed that she did not have any work done on her face and that she did not have a tummy tuck because she does plan on having more children in the future.

There are several other Teen Mom stars who have gone under the knife. Farrah Abraham is the most obvious and when a fan asked Amber Portwood not to get lips like Farrah, she replied that she was not having face work done. Jenelle Evans has been rumored to have had at least fillers injected in her life and possible implants. Kailyn Lowry had a lot of work done earlier this year with Dr. Miami. Portwood did not use Dr. Miami but did confirm she used someone in her home state of Indiana. It seems that along with the fame these young women experienced they also were plagued with self-image issues because of the comments from critics.

Fans are waiting to see the after pictures of the work Amber Portwood has had done. She did mention that recovery was incredibly painful and that her boyfriend, Matt Baier, was helping her. There has been some concern with her history of addiction that the surgery could be a possible setback. Plastic surgery usually requires some form of pain management and generally that comes in the form of pain pills. It seems as if Portwood has things under control but isn’t ready to reveal exactly what she had done and when just yet. The effort she made to lose weight on her own was admirable and when she hit a plateau, she decided to get help with a little enhancement.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Amber Portwood will actually have more children in the future. She did make it clear that was her intention but with all of the drama surrounding Matt Baier and his children, Portwood may change her mind. Their wedding was supposed to take place this month but she canceled it just a few weeks ago. Rumors have indicated there have been issues between the two but as of now, Amber Portwood has remained silent on it.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]