Calvin Harris Caught Crying Over Taylor Swift Amid Reports They’re Texting Again [Video]

Did Calvin Harris just shed a tear over his past romance with Taylor Swift during an emotional TV moment?

Heat is reporting that Calvin appeared to get a tear in his eye while aiding former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger during the judges house stage of Britain’s The X Factor on October 2.

After a contestant performed a heart-wrenching rendition of Michael Jackson’s “She’s Out Of My Life” following a tough breakup, fans flocked to Twitter to point out that Harris appeared visibly emotional and claimed that Harris might have been thinking about his June split from former girlfriend Taylor.

According to the site, Calvin and the contestant, Matt Terry, appeared to bond over breakups on the British talent search after Harris quizzed the singer on what happened to cause the contestant’s recent split.

“I was in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend and she left me, but that happens,” Terry told Calvin, who split with Swift after 15-months together back in June. Harris then replied, “And now you’re on TV!”

Heat then pointed out that Terry turned to Calvin and added of his breakup, “It happens to all of us – it’s life right?” to which Harris admitted, “Yeah, of course!”

Matt then performed an emotional version of Jackson’s 1979 hit on the ITV singing show, and, as fans noticed, Calvin seemed to have to stop himself from crying during Terry’s rendition.

While Harris didn’t exactly break down in tears after watching Matt’s performance, viewers were quick to note on social media that Calvin appeared to get a tear in his eye in reaction to the breakup performance and took to Twitter to speculate that the Scottish DJ could have been thinking about his recent split with Swift.

“I swear Calvin was nearly crying then… thinking of Taylor Swift maybe? #XFactor” Twitter user @sarahnewn tweeted out of Harris’s emotional reaction, while @IanKEllard wrote of The X Factor moment, “OMG who else saw Calvin Harris crying over Taylor Swift on X Factor? So sweet he really loved her.”

“Calvin Harris definitely crying on The X Factor about Taylor Swift,” @emma1402 added.

Calvin has not spoken out amid speculation he may have been crying over his breakup with Swift during his most recent appearance on The X Factor, though fans suggesting Harris may have been thinking about their recent breakup come just days after TMZ claimed that Calvin and Taylor have actually been texting again in recent weeks.

TMZ reported that Harris and Swift have now buried the hatchet after their split appeared to turn nasty earlier this year, reporting that Calvin and Taylor have been in contact via text but have not seen each other since they called it quits in June.

An insider recently revealed to the site that Calvin and Taylor are now back in the “friend zone” after publicly falling out after Swift went public with her relationship with Tom Hiddleston, but allegedly aren’t planning to reconcile as a couple.

“[Harris and Swift] started texting and put an end to their drama,” a source said.

Hollywood Life also revealed that Calvin and Taylor are once again on friendly terms, claiming last month that Harris made the first move because he wants to keep on living a drama free life.

“He lives his life mostly drama-free,” a source told the site of why Harris allegedly felt the need to reach out to Taylor following her breakup with Tom. “[Calvin] wants that to continue with his relationship with Taylor even if they don’t return to romance.”

Do you think Calvin Harris was crying over Taylor Swift on The X Factor?

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