‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tragedy Is Ahead For The Corinthos Family As Sonny, Michael, And Morgan Are Out For Blood

The mob has been a huge part of General Hospital for many years now, and the Corinthos family has always been right in the middle of it. It is no secret that Sonny has ruled Port Charles and that violence is a big part of his life, as well as for his family. Life has not been easy for Sonny or his sons, Michael and Morgan, and now it is about to get even more difficult. All three men are out for blood, and it looks like this won’t end well at all.

There is a new General Hospital preview that hints at the repercussions that follow when you mess with the Corinthos men. Michael and Morgan have been right in the middle of their father’s business their whole lives. Carly has married into the business, but she is ready for the violence and payback to stop. However, it looks like it will escalate instead, and the end result could be deadly.


Sonny is out for revenge against Julian Jerome, who was just set free from all charges in the killing of Duke Lavery and the attempted murder of his wife, Alexis. Now, Sonny is hot under the collar and seeking justice for Duke and Alexis. He has already set things in motion, but he may just have a change of heart pretty quickly.

Having to struggle with his recent bipolar diagnosis just like his dad, Morgan Corinthos is spiraling out of control right now. This is all due to Ava Jerome’s devious plan to make his behavior too uncontrollable for her daughter Kiki to handle so she will walk away from their relationship. Ava has replaced Morgan’s medications with placebo tablets, and now he is acting erratically. She confessed all of her sins to Scott Baldwin on Monday’s episode of General Hospital, including the drug switch. He warned her that Morgan could become dangerous and it looks like that is indeed about to come true.

In the upcoming previews, Morgan is seen holding a gun outside of someone’s place. It is most likely Julian Jerome that he is after as he had previously attacked the mobster at Kelly’s with Kiki standing there watching him. Ava has set things in motion and now it has become a dangerous situation. Her brother could be killed by Morgan, or it could be that Morgan will end up getting caught in the crossfire when someone else goes after Julian.


Morgan is not the only one holding a gun. Michael is grieving for Sabrina after Paul Hornsby killed her. Once word gets out that the town’s district attorney is the hospital serial killer, Michael will grab a firearm and head to the police station to confront him. The previews show Michael pointing a gun at him in an effort to avenge the woman he loved and wanted to marry. But will he really pull the trigger and kill the man who murdered Sabrina?

The General Hospital mob wars always seem to get the people that they love hurt or killed. Will it happen this time as well? Morgan may not be the only one who is at risk, as Celeb Dirty Laundry has suggested that Julian’s daughter, Sam Morgan, could also find herself in danger when an attempt is made on her dad’s life. She is expecting a baby, so this is definitely not something that General Hospital viewers want to see happen. Sam and Jason are finally back together and expanding their family, but it sounds like they will not be immune to the mob happenings in Port Charles.

There are many scenarios that could happen when it comes to Morgan Corinthos. By now, fans of the ABC soap have heard about Bryan Craig leaving this character behind soon. The writers could just have Morgan killed off, which would account for the tragedy that occurs in the Corinthos family, as Soap Opera Digest has plastered on their cover. According to co-head writer Jean Passanante, this situation between the two mob families will have some serious consequences ahead. It is most likely Morgan who will be the center of this commotion.


However, there are speculations going around that there will be a recast once Bryan Craig leaves Morgan behind. If that happens, then it will most likely be that the youngest Corinthos boy will get hurt and either end up in a coma or be sent away to get his mental health back on track and then come back with a brand new face.

How do you think this will all play out on General Hospital? Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]