Fairy Tail Chapter 504: Natsu’s Savage Desire To Kill Zeref Indicates E.N.D Transformation Is Complete While Mavis Inspires Guild? [Spoilers]

The previous chapter of popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail merely indicated Natsu was about to be transformed into something large, savage, and powerful. Chapter 504 of Fairy Tail extends the mystery of the protagonist’s transformation, but clues indicate his E.N.D transformation may be complete.

[Warning: Fairy Tail chapter 503 recap and chapter 504 spoilers ahead]

In the previous chapter, DiMaria was about to torture Lucy and Natsu. She wanted to punish her for swaying Brandish’s loyalty towards the guild. DiMaria psychologically harasses Lucy, but right before she is about to gouge out her victim’s eyes, everything goes dark. As Lucy comes to her senses, the scenario has completely altered. Lucy finds herself free from her shackles. The chair she was so cruelly tied to lies shattered.

Lucy has no idea why her face is smeared in blood or why DiMaria, who appeared to be in control so far, is lying beside her all bruised and beaten up, reported GamenGuide. DiMaria is clearly very shaken by what she witnessed. It is apparent that she might have been the first person to see Natsu Dragneel’s transformation. Fans are confident Natsu’s E.N.D. transformation is complete. E.N.D stands for Ethereal Natsu Dragneel, and very little has been revealed about the state.

Meanwhile, Natsu is nowhere to be found in the dungeon, but it is clear he has something to do with the complete transformation of the situation and liberation of Lucy. Chapter 504 of Fairy Tail reveals a transformed Natsu facing Gary Fullbuster.

Fans speculate that Ethereal Natsu Dragneel has been awakened primarily because Natsu has a solitary aim on his mind, and that’s to annihilate Zeref. Further clues can be picked up in Natsu’s changed mannerisms and speech. Natsu sounds a lot cruder and stronger, and vapors keep emanating from him.

In halting sentences, Natsu asks Gary to get out of his way. That’s when Gary reveals the true purpose of the Book of Zeref. In the earlier chapters, it was revealed that Zeref had struck the book himself, and it becomes clear that he merely wanted to unleash the E.N.D on Natsu. Gary reveals that Zeref created the book and the monsters to kill himself. Apparently, Zeref is tired of the immortality and as a means to die, created the demons. Gary also reveals that the previous E.N.D used to be the emperor’s younger brother. Gary adds that all who have E.N.D awakened in them have a singular “instinct or thought as their desire,” and that’s to kill Zeref.

Perhaps in his current state, Natsu isn’t aware that killing Zeref will end him as well, and he merely reiterates his sole intention as a crazed demon. The confrontation between Gary and Natsu is indeed heartbreaking to watch primarily because they used to be friends earlier, reminds Gary, noting that his “enemy” was right beside him, and adds he suffered because of the demons from the Book of Zeref. Having no reaction to Gary’s emotional speech, Natsu charges ahead and Gary responds. An epic battle between the two ensues. Chapter 504 of Fairy Tail doesn’t indicate how battle ends. However, given Natsu’s newfound power, it is quite likely that his opponent may not last long.

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon, a dazed Lucy is still trying to piece together the last few moments in order to understand what might have happened to her and Natsu. Chapter 504 reveals that DiMaria possesses the ability to freeze time. The spell is called Age Seal and is activated every time she clicks her teeth. That’s why every time she freezes time, there’s a click sound, and people around her believe she teleports because she magically appears. Interestingly, the Age Seal spell doesn’t work on E.N.D, and hence Natsu is able to break through the shackles and free Lucy.

Meanwhile Eileen searches for Mavis. Angry and bitter about what Mavis did to her, Eileen is hunting her with vengeance with a giant eye in the sky, reported The BitBag. Chapter 505 of Fairy Tail could show a heated conflict between the two, but only if Erza doesn’t intervene and take on Eileen instead.

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